How does one create or find unblockables in street fighter 4


i wanted to know i would one find how to create unblockables and do them help would be appreciated.




You have to hold medium punch and medium kick at the same time. If you haven’t been to the tutorial yet it’s called “focus attack.”


You forgot light punch and light kick at the same time for “throw”


You spend a lot of time in training mode using various combinations of timings, spacings and x-up attacks until you find one that works.


do they still have unblockables in ultra street fighter.


Yes lol.
The main selling point for me was removing unblockables and they didn’t even get that shit done.


do u suppose to try to block it on wake up or what


There’s a couple of stupid remarks in this thread, but basically you just have to test out stuff. There isn’t any way to find unblockables by reading frame data and move properties. They’re just found by a lot of time spent in the training room.


would this be a unblockable