How does one exactly whiff punish in street fighter v?


I thought it was like “oh my opponent whiffed a crouching fierce let me tag him with some shit”, but it seems more complicated than that. Whenever someone whiffs something and I try to punish it I just end up getting hit with whatever the next button they’re mashing. I can never whiff punish in this game. Like against Chun-Li and her crouching mediums, or Ryu’s sweep and standing medium kick, etc.

So how do I make people stop whiffing shit and getting hit by people whiffing shit?


They purposely made the game (along with the delay) so that whiff punishing medium attacks is nearly impossible for a lot of the cast. You pretty much have to do it on a read from what I’ve seen.

Stuff like Ken’s s.HK is viably whiff punishable, but that’s what it usually comes down to. Certain heavies where their hurt box is close enough after they whiff. OG heavy and medium button whiff punishes are much tougher in this game.


fix the damn delay and you’ll see proper whiff punishment
I like 5 but thats my only gripe
if you have a new age tv online is damn near unplayble
i see people get away with murder lmfao

whiff punishment is fundamental and for them to diminish that by nature is disgraceful


8 frames baby!


Not sure how much it applies (SFIV) but I think this is a great video on whiff punishing:


With SFV you have the extra couple frames of input delay so you have to start your punish earlier than in other games.