How does one say 'Tag' in Zombie speak?: A Nemesis community combo video

Based on the new Nemo special that was posted earlier, as well as a few finds of my own, I am now going to offer up a Community Combo challenge.

The rules of the challenge are as listed below:
-All combos must involve Nemesis starting a combo before tagging into another character to finish the job.
-Any amount of meter burned is allowed, but keep track of damage and meter built
-TACs not allowed(Too easy and very universal)
EDIT: No X-Factor

I’m keeping this idea both basic and open to interpretation.

And before you ask, the ‘Nemo Special’? Viable with a Nemesis starter(or at least a more shortened version of it)

I’m so on board with this idea. We gotta show some zombeh swag to the community. Anywho, is there any better way to get this thing some press? I saw this thread on a whim only. I’ll start spreading the word to other folk, but let’s get a lot of people in on this.

I’m going to try this but I only have a phone camera…:frowning:

Well, I’ve got a crap ton of papers due before Thanksgiving, so I don’t have time to dedicate to that I’m sorry to say.

If someone wants to make a video challenge and send it to the front page, that’d work too.

Me too, so making a video will be tough, but I love labbing while procrastinating, so I already have a few ideas. Still, I might send a combo challenge to eventhubs/SRK. Then, a few questions. 1. It seems bad form to put a thing on my youtube fighter channel (which is still kinda new and only has a few subscribers), and to submit stuff to the same challenge, so does anyone else wanna put it on their channel? 2. If I do have to be the one to make it, I’mma probly give it to someone else’s channel so I can do fun things with Nemesis too. In that case, what’s the usual format? It’s intro, specifics, sample combo, correct? 3. Combo question, can Nemesis start, and rawtag into Nemesis for the finisher?

It’s fine to do that sort of submitting . All you do is throw in your own combos into the challenge video as a sort of appetizer. Format is shoot a video of Nemesis combos and we stick it into a group video of other Nemesis combos. No explanations needed or anything of the like, that’s for the editor to do.

shrug guess my corner tentacle slam bNb is relevant now:


have fun coming up with the better stuff y’all


I know I posted this in the video thread as well, but if this ever goes down, consider this my entry :slight_smile:

On Board.

We gotta get the invitation out there. In a week I’ll have my wires to record, and why not, I’ll make the challenge. Me and some other Nem forum guyz can judge, and I’ll see if we can hit SRK or Eventhubs frontpage. Then the zombeh will surely get traffic.

I call Iron Man
No one do Iron man
…or i’ll find you

I could make a combo challenge today or tomorrow and post it here, then we spam the frontpage or SRK and Eventhubs to get the community at large on board. Sound good?

Also, I need to find the combo I was using for this.

EDIT: If I post it in the next few days, what should the deadline be for submissions? I’d like to hear suggestions, kinda never done this before.

A month is a good time for something like this I think. Maybe two weeks if our character was more popular.

Sweet. I’ll have a challenge on my channel sometime tomorrow. Now I just need to think of a decent combo to whet appetites. I could use my old combovid’s Nemesis/Dormammu rawtags, but that’s boring, cuz it’s already been done.


I did it. Tell me what you think. I’m kinda upset the sample combos turned out so well, I felt like saving them for the actual video…whatever, I’ll think of something else, maybe Taskmaster has some rawtag swag hidden somewhere. Anyway, I’m going to edit the status so that if people have questions, they can come here and ask them.

Oh, and Dazed/Glasslemon, if you could post those videos as responses to my video, it would be easier to keep it all together.

Edit: Edited it. I may post this on the video thread later today.


well so much for me submitting something seeing as how the sample combo you did with my team is pretty good already!

oh and DAMNIT and such.

Sorry…forgot someone here ran that team. I had to learn bits of Spencer combos last night so I could do that. That Nova extension has some really strange timing, though I bet there is one with 3 zips that works more consistently. I just couldn’t figure it out.

Knowing your combos, I bet there’s some swaggy Spencer stuff of Nem’s command throw you’ve got up your sleeve. If I dissuaded you from submitting fo’ realz I’d feel really bad about it.

haha all my swag stuff is nothing more than high damage with each on point using both assists for one meter. no you didnt but i dont really have a good way of recording anything aside from my cell or driving half an hour to my friends house! if i think of something ill PM you!

as an aside my combos wont ever be too flashy because of my unwavering focus on maximizing damage! :frowning:

ok im happy with what i came up with for my submission! now i just need a way to record it!

one meter start and done against vergil for max damage due to his build…

from start of round dash three times for best positioning :hcb::l:, :h:, :qcf::l:, hard tag spencer, :m:, :h: w/:a1: (nemmy assist y,) :s:, dash, :h:, :s:, TK :qcf::h:-:l:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:, :a2: (nova assist b,) TK :qcf::h:, :df:zip, :df:zip, :qcf::h:-:l:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:, TK :qcf::h:.

if done correctly the damage should be 1,195,500

this combo is hard as fuck…only landed it three times!!!


i love this team and am changing my submission, the combo doesnt change a whole lot but it is a significant change…

after hard tag i did cr.:m:, cr.:h:, :a1:, :qcf::h:-:l:

the rest of the combo doesnt change after where i have “dash” listed.

new somewhat easier combo does 1,220,400 damage!!!

i am now truly satisfied!!!

Just wanted to put this in the thread even though its a video response. I like what I see so far :slight_smile: