How does one start recording walkthroughs?


I know I need to buy a capture card and some AV cables (I think) to record walkthroughs from my television, but I thought I should start off small by recording walkthroughs from my emulator, but I’m not aware of any sort of equipment to use. What should I buy for my computer and television?


You can use x-split to do local recordings. Its free so if you wanna record your emulators thats an option.
For console gaming it depends on how much you wanna spend and how good of quality you want. If you want hd you’re definitely going to be spending over $100. If you’re fine with SD you can find it a bit cheaper in under the $100 range. I use the roxio game capture the quality isnt too bad for the price. You should check out the streaming and recording thread they have alot more information you can use.


Streaming and Recording Guide for recording

You want to Write what you want to say before recording and edit to fit your footage
Do some research with the game you want to make a walk-though/ guide for.

You also want to do some video editing for adding information to the scree not apparent in the raw video


Look for guides on setting up a “Let’s Play”, that’s more or less what you’re doing. Here’s one I found: