How does one stop being a B##%##?


So I was practicing my driving today and was doing well until I accidentally hit the brake when trying to switch into another lane. I pull into a store parking lot, and the daughter of the driver that was behind me gets out and yells at me about the fact that she had an infant in the car when her mother rolls up out of nowhere. Me, not having a backbone and surprised, freeze up, and her daughter gets into it with my mother, who ends up defending me. She ends up telling off my mother that she needs to teach me better as her mother ends up being the calm and polite one and starts giving a lecture. I, humiliated, wish I had the backbone to curbstomp her rude ass into the pavement and be more confrontational.


super glue a knife to her hand and call the cops


You don’t have to do anything, just keep on repressing it and it’ll work itself out. You may wake up from a blackout soaked in the blood of your classmates with the cops surrounding you, but damned if you’ll ever be picked on again :smiley:


I fucking love you, Dramatix

The answer is to drink until you stop feeling any emotions that aren’t “Fight”


I would like some clarification on that.


Do something every day that is outside of your comfort zone.


Dunno I’ve never been that big of a pussy.


I don’t get it. When it comes to confrontation, I just freeze and tense up, when I know I would have put that bitch in her place.




just do it/


Wank in public


First thing to learn is to not post about such things here.


Be an asshole like me.


Drop trou and take a dump in front of them, right then and there. In the animal kingdom, this is a way of showing your contempt for those who view themselves as the dominant members of the pack.


Hook up with someone awesome :tup:


Even though it was your fault for being bad at driving you can’t allow this bitch to tell you this. Fucking tell her shes a shitty driver and get into a fist fight like a True American.


As of now, I just want to verbally tear people apart now.


Well that’s no way to go about this, that just makes more people unhappy. Try to do something that will make you feel like a champ in a constructive way- what do you like doing?


Learn to drive so things are 2nd nature and you point out how everyone is fuckin up while you are double downing defensive driving. Don’t go down the wrong path into road rage, blowing up on shit that wasn’t even a real car accident.

More casual swearing, motherfucker! <-- do it long enough its like, can lose its meaning. Here I don’t mean to cuss you out, but make you into a swearing badass who gives no fucks. But if that’s not for you, learning to drive well is still the way to go.

Had a similar thing happen. We swerve to avoid someone coming at us in the wrong lane. Guy behind us freaks out thinking he got hit but had no proof of his beater minivan’s dents. While our driver did, he simply backed up into his garage a few days ago. We also had one guy not be a bitch and confront him dead on but it wasn’t going to help a hardheaded guy thinking he was right. Need both kinds of personalities in these car accident (that wasn’t one at all) scams and blowing off steam literally, sometimes.


Dramatix, you should probably fight some guy talking shit. Or get a neck tattoo