How does Skullgirls compare to SNK and Capcom's best

in terms of depth and gameplay would you put Skullgirls on the same tier as KoF 13 or Third Strike?

It is possible it has equal depth I guess but I didn’t play it long enough to find out. It is incredibly resets oriented and that turned me off. Combos too long as well and I’m not fond of assist fighters

It doesn’t compare to those games at all.

You’re better off comparing it to Marvel vs Capcom 2.

It’s a different beast entirely, but it’s a well made game that people too readily shoot down because of artstyle alone.


Although, if we’re talking about commercial success, it’s almost on the same level as 3S =)

This should be good.

Its shit because our lord and saviour maximilian dood doesn’t like it.

Max likes Call of Duty.

Turd Strike sucks though

How many Alex mains came out of 3SOE as a result of our lord and saviour? These men are the true OGs. Only they know the true struggle not the handful of players Valle knew.

This isn’t possible to answer in a meaningful way. It’s like asking who is better, Justin Timberlake or Mozart. There’s no objective answer. You just end up with people telling you which one they like more.

That, and very few people are good at all these games enough to have a good understanding of them. So it’d be difficult to get useful input on that front too. There’s like 50 English speakers who are even competent at 3s and I suspect almost all of them don’t play skullgirls.

Mozar is better, objectively

Don’t know, personally.

But if you like the artstyle, like fighters with a team dynamic and assists, and are fond of a game with a heavy emphasis on lots of free-form resets, then this is probably a game you’d be interested in.

Skullgirls is like mostly MvC2 with a splash of GGXX if I need to make a comparison.

It doesn’t.

Forward all future Skullgirls related questions to Capcom since they’re the ones who designed their fucking game.


As in own fighter Skull girl handle it self well, as “suppose” spiritual sucess to VS series Skull girl kinda fail by making some right decision but also adress wrong issues. Infinites where problem in vs series but putting in system that make combos overy complex with numerous hitsune to manage, IPS to be weary of ontop of low damage makes the game chore to play when being offensive where as VS series is known for ease of combo. VS series has always been High risk high reward game and SKull girl does’nt do that for me.

DBZ EB, Nitro+ Blaster does this better. Even Arcan heart to a lesser extent.

IPS became redundant once Mike added MvC2 style redizzy’s. However, he wanted them to remain so that people would use interesting combos instead of just going for loops then resetting off them.

That game has so many shenanigans waiting to be discovered. Its a team game where each character has a lot of options and you can set any of them to be your assist.

The game was off putting to a lot of people because it played sort of like x, y and z until it didnt. It borrows a bit from mvc2 and guilty gear without it being those 2 games. I like it a lot but your better off going to skullheart for more information.