How does SRK feel about the Wii current fighting games?


I’m asking this because the Wii has been neglected as a “Hardcore game console” and it is becoming the only “current gen” getting a lot of love from retro and new “2D and 2.5D fighting games” it has Smash Bros Brawl (well if you considered a fighting game), King Of Fighters: Orochi Saga (KoF 98 alone makes this game worth a lot), Tatsunoko Vs Capcom (There is no argue here), and Guilty Gear Accent Core (same as TvC), also the newcomers:

Starting with this one GGAC+ with tweaks and some tourney side modifications this game is setting to be at evo next year, Samurai Showdown Anthology (coming as well), and If I’m not mistaken Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Antology. The the new Beat’em up TMNT: Smash Up being developed by the guys from the (so far broken) SSBB, and the awesome developer TECMO are getting a lot of hype. Hopefully the graphics are developed by the Brawl developers, and all the game mechanics by TECMO. I know that a lot of these anthologies, or compilations are on the PS2 (or PSP) as well, but the all mighty “last gen king” is on his way out to a well deserved retirement.

Sadly, for us the Wii Community we don’t have a lot of Hype for fighting games unless there is a a guy with a blue overol, and a red T-shirt on it. Now thanks to the incursion of TvC the Wii is having more attention from “SRK” community and even other ones as “smashboards” hopefully this will make the game more attrative to SRK.

What Do you guys think… is the Wii a worthy console to buy for its fighting games or not?

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Pretty much TvC only.
Xbox360 and Ps3 got all the other fighters all in one place! Example on my Xbox I can have Street Fighter 4, Street Fighter HD remix, Soul Calibur 4, ( soon to be MvC2) all in the same place!

What do I use my wii for? 1st party nintendo games, Smash, and TvC. Ever. If a game comes out muliticonsole, it’s always better on the HD systems over wii.

Though I’m liking the KOF collection. That’s new to me. That TMNT game, I hope doesn’t suck. Remember, Sakurai isn’t working on that game.


I’d say as far as modern fighters go, it’s not that great, but it’s too early to write it off. Especially since TvC and Guilty GEar XX Accent Core have anything to say about it.

But as far as retro fighters are concerned, there’s a lot of them on the Virtual Console.

At the moment, the Wii is best for retro collections.


Accent Core and TvC are pretty badass, but ultimately the HD consoles are beating it out. You’ve got SFIV already, KOFXII coming and possibly Blazblue later on.

But I like me some GG, baby.


I have Melee, GGXX^C, and TvC. There’s really no reason to complain. . .I’m pretty satisfied with the fighting games on the Wii. It’s just too bad that nobody plays GGXX, people are too lazy to import/mod their Wii for TvC, and nobody thinks that Melee’s a fighting game.

Which is pretty much the reason why SRK and fighting game fans in general don’t own a Wii, or don’t care much for it.


It’s no PS2, but it has some solid titles


Yeah it’s been serving me well. I’ve got TvC, Accent core, and I also play SamSho2 on the virtual console regularly. Obviously it’s not going to get the same attention from developers in this vein so there won’t be the same breadth of fighting games as on the PS3 or the 360, but as of yet, it’s definitely got some good stuff going for it.


It’s just too bad that TvC and GG doesn’t have online. From what I heard, that Castlevania “fighting” game(the powerstone-esque one) had good online.

But when you compare the Wiis fighting lineup to SFIV, KOFXII, SC4, T6 and Blazblue on the other consoles…


Well, after reading some comments, I found you conclusions quite right, however I’m in the hopes that new games on the horizon could appear. We can’t deny the sequel to TvC, or the third installment of MvC (people totally agree that the TvC engine fits perfectly for this game), but what I really hope is that TvC comes to the stateside, and have success to probe that the Wii can have some decent fighters (why capcom!? Why are you taking so long??). Nevertheless, the HD consoles are out there as a first priority is sad, but true.


Since I’m more casual in skill level then hardcore, I am fine with it. Although I wish there were more online games.


If the system keeps on delivering more along the lines of TvC, it could stand to hold its own. Who knows, maybe “lower tiered games” like the new and upcoming Power Instinct/Gouketsuji title could end up on the Wii as well; the fact that it’s on the Taito X board (NOT X2) could definitely make way for that.

But really, a serious FGer needs to have a PS2, Wii and one of the HD consoles. That’s pretty much the only way to stay in the game, and make sure you get the opp to be able to play everything.


If TvC had online the game would’ve had a lot more longevity. So I would love to see it released on the 360 and PS3. But the Wii still has the casual fighters with games like Brawl, Naruto, Bleach. And GG and some of the SNK Collections appearing on Wii and in some cases functioning better than their PS2 counterparts. But more fighters for the Wii need online to keep the replay value high in those type of games. But I do see the the Wii becoming the next PS2 in terms of that system to keep up with the fighting game genre. And with the way the Wii is blown so wide open so you can play imports and shit there’s no excuse to hop on the latest in the genre when it hits.



It’s still odd, though…games like the new Bleach game by Treasure, and CV:J actually have decent netcode, while a game that really deserved and NEEDED it, TvC, had to go without!

Thankfully, I’m able to get good competition, when I get the time to stop by and join the festivities with SteveH and dem, or I would have gotten bored quite quickly.

For Capcom to have signed up that GGPO contract dealie, their next slew of fighters had OUGHTA make use of that! :sweat:


That upcoming TMNT fighter looks decent, but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s disturbing that more developers aren’t taking advantage of the Wii’s online capability. All fighters are better with more comp :.


Wii has fighting games?


This is what I call sarcasm…:mad::mad:


I was actually being serious cause outside of TvC all the Wii has are ports of previously released games.

I doubt count brawl or any of the anime fighters like Naruto ultimate ninja gaijin fat fuck pocky fest or DBZ: Unpronounceable japanese sounding word that likely means nothing but makes us seem otaku…turbo.

Not the mention most of the VC fighting games are either too old (see bad) to play or they ported it on the wrong system.