How does SSFIV compare to other SF games?

I’m pretty new to the SF series; the only one I’ve played seriously is SSFIV(and AE). Previous to that the only series I really did was Tekken (T3+). Trying SSFIV is what got me to attempt BB, which sold me on MvC3; I’ve realized I love the 2D fighters as much as I love Tekken (which is, oddly, the only 3D fighter I have ever really liked).

The biggest thing I notice in the games I prefer is how easy they make linking moves. I got somewhat good at links in SSFIV for a while, but then I didn’t play it much for a couple of months and when I came back all that practice had gone to waste. 1-frame links are just a little too demanding for me to want to invest the time, but I’ve found I really enjoy the characters in SF so I’d like to pick up a game that isn’t quite so difficult in that regard.

Do the SF games generally have this high of a execution level? Any recommendations for someone like me or should I just stick to other series?

the timing is stricter which make pro pros

Only the SF4 series is ultra-mega link-intensive.

other games are faster, dont reward you for getting hit, and require tighter execution

More moves and is 3D instead of just looking 3D. I’m wondering why the fuck is execution any important in playing a game versus another human?

It sucks?

Ninja Edit: All games require a certain degree of execution so I don’t quite grasp what you mean by ‘stick to’ another game. If you ‘stick to’ SF4 you’ll eventually be good and thus be able to do cool stuff. If you just want the “easy way out” i.e do 10 hit combos out the door by all means stick to Marvel, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t crazy hard stuff that’d make your life hell that other people can do. That being said SF does have a few characters that don’t require much in the way of outworldly execution such as bison/rog/chun/yun/t.hawk/ken/ryu/etc.etc.etc.

Well, one of the major differences is that there is a large group of SF2/SF3 elitists who hate it

SSF4 takes less skill than previous SF games if that’s what you’re asking.

Ryu has plenty of one frame links, same with all the chars you mentionned, you can choose to play them at a basic level but if you want to maximize damage you’ll need to master the one framers.

@FlawlessMatador, <3 the response!

If by “execution” you mean 1 frame links, then no. Most other SFs use chain combos instead of links which are slightly easier to do. However, execution is generally tighter than SF4 for special moves like Dragon Punches and SPDs. SF4 has shortcuts for DPs like f,df,f but most SFs, especially SF2 series, you have to hit d after f or you won’t get a DP (f,d,df).

I would recommend:

**Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix **(360/PS3)
-all characters are in SF4
-great online netcode, better than SF4 by a lot of accounts
-getting used to the stricter inputs for special attacks will tighten your execution and make you better at SF4
-almost no 1-frame links
-very high damaging and fast paced so keep your wits about you LOL

**Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition **(360/PS3)
-will be released soon (couple of months) with some characters that are in SF4
-supposed to have great online code, maybe better than HDR
-stricter inputs for special attacks than SF4, but not as strict as HDR
-pretty sure there are no 1 frame links (could be wrong)
-rush down oriented thanks to parries so don’t whiff any heavy normals LOL

Last two posters are really bad at trolling.

There’s nothing wrong with liking SF4 over SF2 but saying shit like “At least SF4 gets you thinking a little more than SF2 instead of being completely mash happy.” makes yourself look dumb.

lol please let me know which sf2 game honda is top tier in (its none of them)

It is really cool to hate on SF4 thats for sure (especially if you got into the competitive scene because of SF4 :tup:). Just pretend like you played 3rd strike or Guilty Gear and shit on SF4 as much as you can (while you constantly continue to play it of course).

There’s so much misinformation and scrubby stuff here that I wanna drill a hole in my head to make the pain go away. o_O

I love how FG fans get ranked by others based on which fighting games they prefer.

SF4 series characteristics
[]Special, EX or ultras so you can counter projectiles with no skill
]attack box of all attacks reduced, vulnerability boxes enlarged: everything trades and has crap for priority
[]the most basic properties of most normal and special moves have been changed
]you get rewarded for getting hit
[]hit-confirm-heavy game
]combo game
[]long animations
]lots of characters with dive kicks
[]easy way around pokes in focus attack being cancelable into either an attack or a dash
]easy cross-ups
[]floaty jumps
]easy reversals
[]reversals can be made safe
]throws with start-up favor jab mashing and turtling
[*]KoF-like characters in Jury and Viper.

cue people who’ve never played any game prior to sf4 on anything close to a competitive level piling on and telling you you just hate change and want every game to play exactly like ST.

Guys, please remember (from the rules thread):

This is really not the place to discuss the relative merits between SF2/SF3/SF4/CvS2/Breakers Revenge. Try to keep this to answering the OP’s question. Thanks.

To the OP: Execution in SF4 is easier than in the overwhelming majority of Capcom games. If 1-framers are something you don’t want to commit to learning, pick a character that doesn’t have them in their bnbs, or doesn’t need them to be effective.