How does the FGC define "Respect"?


Always confused me since day 1. Could someone clear this up for me?

Also, Putting someone “On Blast”?

I should know them. But I just never did.


It’s like trying to define what “cool” is, everyone has a different opinion.

Sometimes you’ll hear someone say “he’s disrespetful”, and they don’t mean he’s rude or crass - they mean he’s taking big risks in his punishes… maybe, a lot of this is just slang and doesn’t have concrete definitions.

If you know someone has a 1 frame link in their combo you can just hold downback so when he drops it you go on about your day; if you’re “disrespectful” you might be mashing out an EX.SRK instead. Some people like Poongko play “disrespectfully” because they are always in your face doing nothing but counter-hit setups and 50/50 mixups.

Putting someone “on blast” usually means the same as putting them “on notice”, you either shut down their main gameplan, or perhaps taking them 2:0 in a best of 5 set, letting them know they need to step it up NOW or get kicked out.


I would say it means to expect players to play badly. Mashing DP during a combo is disrespectful, because you are looking for them to drop it. On the other hand, you can not respect someone’s resets, or their wakeup, so it works both ways.


Yeah and even the term “mashing” will fall into this gray area. When you say someone was “mashing out a dp”, you don’t mean they are just pushing all buttons and happen to get a DP, but at the same time you want to convey that they were pushing buttons quickly at a certain point in time to punish -something-. You can be ‘disrespectful’ and still be intelligent on when and where you mash.

And if you’re not “mashing” or staying vigilant against resets (by playing disrespectful at times) then the opponent might feel like they are in your head and will stop respecting YOU, doing really meaty normals on your wakeup when you have reversals, going for the same rest two times in a row - etc.


Not giving an opponent respect means doing what you’re going to do and not worrying about whether they’re going to block it. Usually it means pretend you’re playing against a scrub. They can’t block your mixups. They won’t hit their combos. Their punish won’t be that good.

Of course you can disrespect your opponent by popping off after you body them,but generally the fighting game community is better than that.

Putting someone on blast is just bodying them or talking trash after you beat them.


This is almost verbatim what I was going to post. When I hear the term “respect” used most often in fighting games is in regards to the match itself - to “respect” your opponent’s options, meaning to be aware of them and to be cautious about them.

For example, say you are playing against a character that has Ultra stocked, and that Ultra can go through fireballs. If you keep throwing fireballs, you are said to be not respecting that Ultra because either you don’t know, don’t realize, don’t care, or don’t think they’re going to do it. Usually this signifies the belief that the player with Ultra is not good enough to respond with it on reaction.


On the flip side, when you hear “He’s giving him too much respect.” it means that you might be playing too reserved when you haven’t been given a reason to. Like never going for crossups or certain mixups even though your opponent has shown to not have the best blocks or punishes.


In regards to marvel i think respect could mean doing flashy and very inefficient combos because you are that confident in your victory.


If you put this question through the prism of the average SRK conversation then I’d have to say it doesn’t ;).


Alternatively it can mean killing a character with a level 3 when they have virtually no life left and any random hit would do it.


Respect = acknowledging another’s abilities and capability.
Not respecting = fighting without taking into account the opponents options and potential danger.
Disrespect = purposely ignoring the opponents options in a show of confidence. (Subtle difference, but disrespect is intentional whereas not respecting is unintentional).

There’s also some cases where a character, without taking the player into account, has such a good matchup that he doesn’t have to respect another characters options.

That is my understanding of “respect” in this community.