How does the hori ex2 pad compare to the madcatz pad?

I’m a street fighter 4 newbie and tried to use the madcatz fightpads but the controllers i received from amazon have given me problems,one had a button problem and the other had a d-pad, now i’m looking at the hori ex2 pad and was wondering if the quality is any better? I know they are a little more expensive but i don’t mind if they last.

You might try asking in tech talk. Our resident tech geeks might get back to you faster that way.

I’ve not used a Hori EX2 pad, but it looks like it uses an analog stick very similar to the Xbox 360, which can be ideal for some things, but personally I would prefer the D-pad of the Madcatz Fightpad, which I own.

I’m a stick user myself, but when the going gets tough I can use a pad if need be. If you know somebody with either one, try it out and see how it feels to you. I mean, like I said, the analog can be ideal for some things. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t do anything with Viper on a joystick or D-pad. But when I use a 360 controller, official one, mind you I can do Fierce Feint Fierce/Thunder Knuckle Cancels/Instant Burn Kicks much easier than I can on the other control schemes, for some reason.

What I’m trying to say is that it all comes down to personal preference. Try it out and see if it works. Most online stores or retail stores have a return policy if you don’t like something, so there’s that to consider.

Best of luck choosing a pad!

Yes, it’s cool.
The Mad Catz FightPad.

I haven’t played on it though.
Once I got it, I straight took the PCB out.

Thanks for the suggestion, i honestly thought this was the best place i kind of know now thanks.

Thanks for the luck, i did like the d-pad and the feel of the fightpad but i’m at a point where i just want something that is reliable and will last.I heard the hori ex2 has a good d-pad and is better built then the madcatz fightpad.Yeah amazon does have a great policy so i meant just test it out and see for myself.I thought some vets here might have used it as there main controller for playing ssfv.

Get a stick.

Yeah, I haven’t heard too much about a Hori EX2 fightpad, personally. I’m actually curious as to how it works out. Keep us posted if you pick one up and let us know how it is!

I’d recommend the EX2 having never even seen one in person based on the fact that one of my friends is on his 4th or 5th MadCatz pad. They simply do not hold up to any kind of stress at all.

just got it ($20.99 from the TRU sale yesterday). love it. 6 face buttons are small but responsive. 4 shoulder buttons are just ok but 10 total buttons doesn’t hurt. dpad is the best on the xbox 360. turbo switch is good. it can be used for any game due to pair of analogs. analog sensibility switch is a nice option (like for COD games). selling my Akuma fightpad this weekend now.

I’ll do.

I agree they really feel like if you drop them they will break in pieces.

Thanks for the repsonse, wished i got in on that tru deal ill probably order mine from amazon.