How does the ranking point system work?

i’ve been watching my points on the leaderboard every time i lose or win a match and i cant figure out what the pattern is. when i was a 1st rank it would go up by 100 at least with every win and go down by 120 with a lose. once i hit high lord it would some times give me 100 and other times only give me 50 with a victory, and take 80 with a lose.

so you would think that playing better people would give you the 100. that’s not correct i’ve played 9th lords and received 100 and played high lords and only gained 50.

next i figured it would calculate the points by the way you handled yourself in a match. so i started kicking ass as best i could and then losing a few characters before i came back for the victory. after a few matches of testing it seemed like it didn’t matter how bad or well i did it would give 50’s and 100’s randomly.

so anyone have any idea how it works?