How does the ranking system work?


hi guys, i tried doing a search but to no avail. but can anyone tell me how you rank up?

what i know is that you rank UP based on the little blue bar under your title
the further right it goes, the closer you are to ranking up i do believe

i noticed it right before my last level up and i’m like COOL

so what i’m wondering is… what does the other stuff mean? the stuff i’ve seen is

judge, scout, ranger, lord

which one is the best? is there something higher than lord? and how do you say, if u’re a 4th lord and then u lose a shitload and get ur bar all the way to the back… what happens? is that when u become a ranger or something?

how do people become 3rd rangers? if your ratio is always at 50% u would theoretically NEVER change rank cuz ur ratio is always gonna be the same… so how would that work? do u get stuck at 4th lord forever?

or maybe when you’re at a high rank like 2nd lord… your win to loss ratio would have to be REALLY high in order to rank up to 1st lord. something like a 3-1 or 4-1 ratio. if u don’t get a 3-1 ratio, u eventually dwindle down and become 2nd scout or something??

in case you guys are wondering, i’m at 4th lord myself. but realistically, it doesn’t really matter cuz sometimes i get like 20 matches with the same fighter guy with only 30 games lol


lol any ideas people!?!? how does the online ranking system work?


lord = stability is highest
judge = basic defence is highest
etc. etc.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the rank names, on the basis that using unsafe tags is considered “advanced defence” :looney:


If there really isn’t a thread covering such,

to my knowledge (Scratch that shit)
Edit: Was totally fucking wrong. Thanks to the above poster for his accuracy on the subject.

As far as rankings, its a bit rigged in that,
>Consecutive wins=rank start in the middle of the bar
>rank down, start in the middle of the bar

I’m a 6th lord, I was 8th the day the game came out but got knocked back down to fighter after some heavy losses. ratio is at roughly 53% out of some odd 700 matches. As you stated, it generally means nothing. I’ve been paired against 5th/4th lords with a 80% W/L ratio who have no idea how to counter sentinel or dark phoenix, then I’ve met fighters who know to snap her out at 40%.

I’m very mixed myself on how I view ranking systems in fighting games. I don’t want to be SO HARDCORE as to say its completely dismissable/only EVO matters, but it sure isn’t a concrete layout of your potential, so much as possibly stating you at least know how to play, perhaps.


So about that trophy that u need to fight or make it past "1st class"
What’s 1st Class?
I’m a 8th Lord right now I belive I played a 3rd Judge or something and still didn’t get this trophy/archievement.



so the number before the title is based on your win/loss ratio. if you have a high loss/win ratio, you’re gonna be in fighter status? and lower on the numbers??

and lord = stability… ok makes sense cuz i always get high stability

and i thought judge or whatever meant u had a shitty win/loss ratio?

but now that someone said it’s like basic defense or whatever that’s first… i can understand!! the toughest players to beat are the lords…

but what exactly constitutes stability, basic offense, basic defense etc?!?!


its not solely based upon win loss ratio, its based on ur “rank points” u get 580 per win but u also lose some per loss, maybe 280, i am probably wrong about the exact number but if u look at the leaderboards that is how they decide what place u are on ur leaderboards. The mere fact that you can get ranked down just means that u lose points for getting a loss (not to get confused with battle points, which includes offline too), the amount might be different depending on how low of a person you lose to

if u look at the top players, they all have high wins, so in genreal the more wins u have the better u will be off, but you should like win 5 in a row, then lose 1, then win another 5 and lose 1, and continue like that to level up, if u win one then lose one then win one and lose one again, you can have 400 wins and still be 8th lord

i just ranked up to 6th lord, and my experience bar is right at the middle, never been ranked down but i have been at a time where i would get a rank up battle and lose, so then i would have to win my next game and then the following game would be my rank up battle, then i lose that and have 2 win another game just so my following game would be rank up

but then i lost that battle again and played a fighter and i won then i played another fighter and won and i didn’t get rank up status, so i played one more fight and i won and then my next match was rank up. then i won that and ranked up

i have a question? how do u rank down? does ur blue bar have to go all the way down? or once it crosses past the middle point then u get dropped down. ( i dont watn to lose on purpose to find out)

also, has anyone gotten the achievement from playing someone who is 1st class or was first class , lost but got the achievement?

from what it says, you dont have to be 1st class to get it, u just have to play someone who is first class to get teh achievement, but that doesn’t mean that someone can play u to get teh achievement. so its not as viral as some people may have initially thought


Yep… when the bar goes all the way down you rank down… I know this ALL TO WELL… well its good to know that the ranks don’t go:

  • fighter
  • 9th Ranger
  • 9th Judge
  • 9th Scout
  • 9th Lord
  • 8th Ranger

… like I thought they did…

I was an 9th lord when the game game out and then when everyone started figuring the game out I got ranked back down to fighter… sigh then I got ranked back up to 9th Ranger which I had never seen before. So I thought I had bypassed it before or something.


From this trophy site that I saw it says 1st class is 13th ranked.
I’m not sure what is 13th ranked tho…
Also it doesn’t matter if u lose or win u still get the archievement/trophy.


Have you guys noticed your license color change? I swear mine’s been a few different colors, but I might be seeing things. I haven’t played a single ranked match, though.


I wish there was a way the ranks were explained somewhere by Capcom or something. Oh well.

Also yeah, my card was brown at first, and now it’s silver. I like it.


The rank point stat determines your rank, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. I don’t know the accurate numbers but I am pretty certain that 1st is at about 55000-57000 points. If you check the leaderboards you will see people’s points. To see your own go into the leaderboards and go to the friends section, where you will see your own points. If you want to see how much points you need for a certain rank you should check the leaderboards at the point where ranks are seperated. I think that there is however some other factor. It also has something to do with that pentagon statistics thing, because these stats are somehow connected to the rank, and not only concerning ranger, scout, lord, etc, but also the number.

I have checked my points after some fights and while I was a 9th rank I got 100 points for beating a fighter, 150 for 9th, 8th and 7th and 200 for 6th and 5th. No stats on higher ranks. Don’t know how much you lose in a fight either.


license color changes at specific intervals of PP. im currently at 1.6m PP (the most of anybody on xbl probably) and my license color hasnt changed from gold yet. i expect it to change at 2m since it was red at 250k, silver at 500k and turned gold at 1m. im not sure how to make it plaid though… i’ve seen someone with a plaid gold license who had about 1.2m


ive seen some 2nd lords who have a higher rank then 1st lords

i assume they got 1st lord, but then ranked down 2 nd lord but are still high on the charts, higher than some 1st lords

i’ve even seen a 9th lord that was in the top 100, so your rank points dont automatically determine your number rank. someoen could get 300 wins but also have 290 losses and be top 100 in the world but still 9th lord

i think, being a “lord” is the normal thign to do, and if u are a ranger or a scout, then u clearly favour something else other than stability, this can been seen as a flaw to your game or part of ur strategy


it goes after Figher its 9th ( Lord for more Stability , Ranger for more Basic Offense , Judge for ??? ,Scout for ??? )

I’m 9th ranger , and Basic Offense is my highest stat


hmmm interesting, i’ve never looked at the leaderboards

what does the “rank” actually say??

all i’ve seen is the little blue bar

and the 9th lord thingy. and then i see some stars in there

i always have a bunch of stars and i’m at 3rd lord but i’ll check the leaderboards hahaha

and as far as i can tell… lords are the hardest to beat. what does stability even mean?? guys who are judges and scouts don’t seem that good and are able to be figured out more easily IMO i dunno lol


hmmm interesting, i’ve never looked at the leaderboards

what does the “rank” actually say??

all i’ve seen is the little blue bar

and the 9th lord thingy. and then i see some stars in there

i always have a bunch of stars and i’m at 3rd lord but i’ll check the leaderboards hahaha

and as far as i can tell… lords are the hardest to beat. what does stability even mean?? guys who are judges and scouts don’t seem that good and are able to be figured out more easily IMO i dunno lol


I was a 9th Lord and I fought a Fighter. His bar was almost there and it was a Rank Up Match for him. He lost but he still Ranked Up to become a 9th Ranger. I thought it was interesting that he lost, but still got positive experience.


Hrm, it may be that he had enough points before, but the game wasn’t registered as a rank up battle before then.


so I believe from Fighter , the rank you get is according to your highest stat

Lord is stability , Ranger is basic offense , Scout is advanced offense , Judge is advanced defense , Guard is basic defense

I believe it only changes of you have at least one stat that gets much higher than the one you got promoted from Fighter from

Fighters get +EXP even if they lose , when they fight higher ranked people