How does the ranking system work?


I recently reached A status with my main, not that it’s an accomplishment or anything 'cause now people are expecting me to be some pro or something, which clearly I’m not. I think I hit the mark at about 15000BP, and it quickly dropped to 14000 again after losing a lot, but my rank is still an A? How does this work exactly?

I really want to go back to a B now, is it even possible?


Ppl only think you are pro or very good when your PP is high since BP doesn’t reflect your skill lvl.I have seen 15k BP players with only 2k PP.
I am not really sure how the ranking system works,but you lose about 100 PP when you lose vs someone who has about 2k PP,you lose about 50 PP when you lose vs someone who has about 3k PP,etc in case if you are in the 4k PP range.
About BP,you don’t lose that much when you lose 1 game.
Yes,it is possible to go back to B.

D 0 - 499 +500
D+ 500 - 999 +500
C 1,000 - 2,499 +1,500
C+ 2,500 - 4,999 +2,500
B 5,000 - 9,999 +5,000
B+ 10,000 - 14,999 +5,000
A 15,000 - 19,999 +5,000
A+ 20,000 - 29,999 +10,000
Master 30,000 - 34,999 +5,000
Grand Master 35,000


Did many people reach Grand Master? I didn’t even know it existed.


I honestly don’t know of anybody who got to Grand Master rank. Only like two or three people even reached Master rank if I recall correctly.

Which, honestly, is why the console rank system is bullshit. The way the point structure works it’s almost impossible to make it anywhere past A+.


There is a guile player on pc who has grand master rank.


I doubt it’s legit, if for no other reason than there isn’t enough people that would be high enough rank to continue earning points from.


I don’t think he is a scoreboard hacker like many others. He has beaten many top20 players and was not playing any other character at all (afaik).


SunValtiel,his Guile is solid.


To go back to a lower rank, you need to cross that rank’s lower boundary again… so to go from A back to B+ you need to go back down to below 10,000BP


Well I don’t doubt the guy’s Guile is solid, but I just find it hard to believe that with the game having been out on consoles for so long and no one ever getting to Grand Master rank with a much larger playerbase than the PC version that some PC player got there.


Lol i saw some guy with 9999 BP and PP.


Wow so to get back to B+ I have to somehow hit 9999BP from 14000? That’s likely impossible if I keep a balanced record of wins and loses. I’m kind of fine with the PP system but the BP is obviously flawed from what I can see.


As a A+ player, you get 5 BP for a win against a B rank, 15 - 20 BP against a B+ rank and 20 - 30 BP against A players. Lower opponents get you 1 BP. So it is possible to reach 30000 BP through constant play, but a lot of grinding is involved.

A + against A+ is the same as B against B (every same rank starting from C) you get 35 BP if your points are in within 1000 BP up to (down to) 40 BP (30BP) for every 1000BP difference, since then you have not the same rank anymore.

The highest BP you can get since you reached rank C is 65 BP (winning against someone who is two classes higher than you) and the highest number you can lose is 45 BP (losing to so. who is two classes lower than you).

Man I spent a lot of time in ranked :slight_smile:


This is false.

Each match in sf4 has a k rating of 128, with 2060~PP being the limits of difference that it tracks. So every roughly 15 points of difference between you and your opponent is 1 more point for them to win. If you play a player outside of this range 0 will be rounded to 1, and anything over 128 will be rounded to 128.

Joe Average has 2800PP, he plays Jane Average who has 2800PP. The winner will win 64PP and the loser will lose 64PP
Joe Average has 2800PP, he plays Josh Amazing who has 5000PP. If Joe Average wins he will get 128PP. If Josh Amazing wins he will get 1PP.

It’s a goofy fake ELO system.


This is right, except you never get exactly 64PP. If you are within the same PP range +/- ~ 32PP (equalys ~16PP up or down) you will get 63PP


Grand Master rank was achieved by a few players like Daigo, Tokido, Latif, Wolfkrone, Air, also a japanese viper etc… it is possible.


Yep, all it really lacks is a taking into account the accuracy of the ranking of one player (number of matches played x lowest and highest PP obtained). I don’t really understand why they didn’t bother including it, it’s not like copying the whole algorithm from the chess federation would have cost more money.


Grand Master can happen at 30,000 flat right after A+ in some cases. 30,000BP may also just turn you into MASTER where you would have to keep winning until you become Grand Master. the number is different for everyone. You stay Master no matter how much BP you have and as long as you are master you can become GM anytime if you were to keep winning, I guess if you go below 20000 you would turn back to A+ though. It has nothing to do with BP after 30000.




Not impossible. Keep in mind that the scoring system will me more harsh on you now that you have rank A. You’ll get less points for winning matches and you’ll lose more points for losing matches. You’ll also face strong players more often. That’s why you fell back to 14000 from 15000, I presume.

I experienced it when I reached 5000 and then dropped back to 2500, which lowered my rank and I quickly got to 5000 again, now steadly climbing towards 10000 due to playing better. I’m guessing that once I reach 10000 I’ll fall to 5000 and then go up again.