How does the sanwa JL stick compare to the stock Fightstick?

Is it a dramatic improvement or just a fix for the broken sticks?

Go to an arcade with SF4 and see how that compares to the stock stick.

If you can’t find an arcade with it, the simple answer is yes, it is an improvement. How dramatic it’s up for you to decide, but have you ever heard of Mad Catz making something as good as real arcade parts? This is still Mad Catz.


sanwa stick is like 50x better than the stock fight stick

get one immediately and replace that joystick

Arcade? whats that? :confused:

Ahh, you young whippersnappers. Why back in my day we had to do Double QCFs with Happ controls! :lovin:

But seriously, get yourself a real Sanwa stat (or an LS-32). It’s time to man up to whale cancer, dude.

EDIT: To whoever docked me -13 rep and told me to “STFU” for this post: Um, why dude? Did I say something offensive? Get a life.

Is that where the Yellow dot guy ate the other dots and was afraid of ghosts?

Or where the you had to jump over barrels to kill a endangered gorilla?

The 80’s were crazy times man.

Some of us are still doing double QCF’s with Happ Controllers :wgrin:

Don’t make us newcomers look bad - go read people’s comments in the relevant threads. There are plenty of people saying that the stick is “okay” (when it works) but not near the level of the better Japanese sticks. Currently the biggest problems seems to be that rather few of them work 100%