How does this insane trick work?

Im watching a vid and Necro jumps in. ChunLi does a jump headstomp (down+mk) and then something else. Lands and does a jab. Dashes under him and does RH into SA2 and then superjumps and does 1 fierce punch and dashes under him again [against the wall] and does another RH into SA2 for 100% against Necro.

How does this work and does it work on any other characters?

i’m not at home right now, but do you have aim? when i get home, i’d like to see this video myself.:slight_smile:

she does d+mk in the air… then d+hp in air at the last point, she comes down first, she does c.jab to reset him, the rest you got right on =)

its from ZON vs Pino87 or something if im correct? it was downloadable from… its a kool match =)

motoki: if you want, hit me up on dormdormain, i could send you… now i need to find the vid :stuck_out_tongue:

its ZON [ChunLi] vs Ozeking [Necro]

ill leave direct connect running so just find my name: absolut and get it from me on there

doom, do you know if it works on everyone or just Necro?

i think it owrks on everyone, but it isnt really reliable… you wont meet eachother in the air all that much, if u do d+mk there they might fall the wrong way, and you might miss the jab to reset them…

it does work on alot/all for all i know, i usually just do d+mk, reset jab, that also works, the d+hp, jab really doesnt work all that time at least with me then

and the dash under after connecting sa2 works on everyone as well?

Depends on whether or not they quickstand.

rei, i think he meant neutral hp, not d.hp, so they wouldnt be knocked down

haha I know exactly what your talking about it was on one of those SBO vids that also put necro in stun. Good stuff :clap:

where is this video i cant find it

sbo33-04 It should be under SBO