How does Urien beat akuma?

I was wondering if there was any way Urien can beat Akuma,all an Akuma player has to do is abuse the roundhouse hurricane kick over and over again and nothing the poor guy can do but parry.This goes for Q,Necro,etc. akuma seems to have no delay time and can perform one hurricane after another and characters like Q,Urien and Necro seem to have a hard time with it. any suggestions or ways this can be prevented?any help is greatly appreciated.

if they’re doing the same thing you can just learn to red parry it

learning to beat a gimmick will destroy their game if they’re not good.

Thanks,guys,but I know how to parry just fine and MP does NOT work,although I wish it did. the big problem is on a good Akuma player they know to either do one of five different hurricane kicks. akuma can NOT be punished bu Urien unless he parries all the hurricane kicks,but how many do you know are coming? If you guess right,you can pop akuma up with elbows,then combo the hell out of him.Itys Urien,Necro and Q mainly I find are huge disadvantages against akuma all because of that silly hurricane kick of his with zero recovery time against these characters.necro and Q can sometimes throw after one,but only sometimes.I am still searching for ways that Urien and co. can beat out the hurricane kick of Akuma’s without having to hopefully guess how many times to parry every time.Hugo is so big it works to his advantage and he seems to get the throw EVERY time.Not the same with a few others. If anyone know how to stop it other than guessing how many times to parry PLEASE let me know.

block, red parry. combo.

If you know he’s gonna do 2 in a row, can’t you easily blue parry the 2nd one?

Regardless, from the sounds of it, you have to work on carrying yourself on the playing field. (I do too :looney:)

If he can’t get in your face, it’s not nearly as bad. It’s hard I know, but might as well try to avoid the situation if you can as much as possible if it gives you grief.

I don’t find the RH hurricane so bad. It sucks for urien somewhat, but it does crap damage. Meh.

Lucky sphere for the win! :wgrin:

i don’t think u guys really are getting that a good akuma will not let you easily red parry or regular parry a flurry of hurricane kicks. the thing with a good akuma is that they will rush you down and can begin a hurricane kick or two in a row and u kinda just gotta take the block and chip or pray you can predict this hurricane kick chain exactly. When you predict wrong you get hurricane kick crossed up and hit the floor or get hit and hit the floor and the whole cycle is repeated. It’s not as simple as just “oh just parry it.”

Oh,man,you get this EXACTLY. urien has no move or is NOT quick enough to throw or hit akuma right off the hurricane kick.akuma can do it right again.and the real problem is like Sleepy mentioned,its all about wakeup for Akuma on urien. sure,parrying a hurricane kick works if you know its coming,but the problem with really good players is they mix it up with throws and lkow attacks into combos and you get screwed because you are so worried about the hurricane kick.It is NOT easy for Urien but can be done. if Urien is trapped in the corner with Akuma the only way to get out is too be really,really lucky.I thought maybe somebody would know a better or more feasible way to fight this.

what about EX headbutt or mp sphere?

Urien can only punish a mispaced HK tatsumaki.
If iit’s really close the throw works (the throw is fast enough);
If it’s close enough st. LP (or LP, MP chain) can hit too but you need single frame precision since LP startup is 4 frames and blocked tatsu is -5.
From farther range (the only range a good Gouki will throw tatsumakis at) Urien can only hit with either EX Aegis (poor damage, only to relieve pressure) or punish with reversal SAI if you have the guts to switch supers - but while SAI partially solves the tatsu rush issue, the lack of Aegis hurts Urien in many other ways against Gouki

At a certain range, st.MK can beat tatsu.

SA1 is good against gouki, especially since the bastard can teleport out of aegis traps.

MWAHAHAHAHA!!! :devil: :badboy:

yeah but it’s a quite elusive range (and othe stuff from Gouki beats Urien’s stMK) so I don’t find it to be that reliable. Hell, stHP stuffs tatsu quite on startup expecially at the tip of stHP range, but it’s not a thing to try everytime since you kinda need to predict it.

On the other hand, at least f+MP >>>> air tatsu



Seems shorter than that. i dunno.

Use lp after a parry during the hurricane kicks… that seems like the immediate way to keep an Akuma off of you.

Another thing (I’m pretty sure it works, I’m a Urien player) is to parry one of these and go immediately into a d.hp and punish that shit to hell.

This is mainly what i have been doing. Akuma’s hp hurricane is just so good against him.It does not work at all on Necro with Akuma as I have been raping Akuma with him. Q and Urien have a harder time,especially Urien,but like anything,you play against it enough and you can beat it. But no one can lie and say Akuma doesn’ have an advantage in the matchup. and thanks for everyone’s help.

Good Akuma’s don’t spam hurricaines, not that I’ve seen anyway, so I don’t know why everyone’s raving on about it.

It was both on the now defunct and on the Gamest 3s Mook

Good Akuma’s DO spam hurricanes against Urien, as do good Akuma’s spam air fireballs against Hugo. If they dont, then Urien and Hugo get chances to rush Akuma. The only way to keep them in check is with those cheap ass moves. The ONLY time the spamming will stop is if Urien red parries.

Try playing against Hugo without air fireballs… Its just as hard playing Urien without hurricanes.

Besides, like so many people have pointed out, once you already KNOW that the move will be spammed, there’s two easy ways around it - parry and jump away. Jumping away is one of the best tools against a hurricane spammer.

The matchup is in Akuma’s favour for ONE reason only, and it has nothing to do with the hurricanes. He can teleport out of Aegis. Thats it. No other reason. And even that isn’t 100% because a reversal teleport on wakeup can go wrong. Why else do you think Urien players STILL throw out the Aegis when they get the chance?

The strongest Akuma player in the co-op cup4 tournament (Uraken) FINALLY lost to guess who? Perfect no less…

Are you stupid or something? Urien has nothing to punish hurricane kick pressure, aside from SA1 & red parrying. Obviously, one person having an unpunishable/extremely risky to punish move doesn’t give them any advantage whatsoever. :tup: