How does your practice routine look like overall?


I would love to know what your practice routine looks like, the different steps you take to improve whatever needs improving.

My routine looks like this:
Since Im fairly new to SFV I go into the trials section, pick a combo, learn it, then go to training mode to see if it actually works on this patch. If it doesnt, I dont learn it of course. If it does work, I go into training mode and practice it 1h, 5 min on one side, then switch. I do this for 1 hour. Then I hit the ranked matches. All I try to do for those daily ranked matches is to get the combo in mixed up with practicing block/parry/footsies. Thats what 1 daily combo would look like. At the moment im trying to pick up 3 combos that Im comfortable with, drill them into the muscle memory, then hit ranked. After that all I try to do is improve on everything else while using those combos.

How does your practice routine look like?

Thanks everyone.