How dumb can you be?

i tought this was hilarious
when the ipads 2 first came out someone at the at&t store said his boy brought ipad 2 with a iphone 4 for 500(cash) both new and sealed at the flea market from some random dude walking around when he got home and unwraped it, it was a floor tile in the ipad 2 box and the iphone 4 was fake and then the guy rushed back to find the guy and he was no were to be found i couldnt stop laughing

idk what i shoulda named the thread lol

have any of you guys got jerked like this b4?


Please, Your Brain.

lol it was a story i remember’d when i read of of good ipad 2 deal someone got on another forum

tl;dr: Guy’s friend bought an iPad 2 and Xbox at a fleamarket (in the box). Went home, opened the box, contents were not there. Went back to confront the man, and man disappeared. Shenanigans occurred; it happen to you, dawg?

That’s like the Lemonhead Delight, where you lick off all the yellow and you sell the white part to crackheads lol


try again motha fucka

lol na that shit aint happen to me i woulda told him to open it to see whats inside b4 i even considered it thats why walmart if you return a sealed game or dvd they open it to make sure you didnt srink wrap it and return it empty like people were doing for a while

Can’t tell if troll

Or just stupid

who? me? because i am not stupid just sharing something i thought was funnny and for a troll just look at my profile


Anyone ever have the white van trick done on them? It happened to me twice, almost three times, then I went online to find more about it and one guy said he knew a guy that got got by them. They try to sell you tvs out the back of a van for “beer money” ($300 each)… There’s two dudes: One driving and one in the passenger seat, lil sidekick, yelling stuff like “yeah man!” the whole time. I knew something felt odd about the way they were acting…


some guy tried that with me like 3 years ago on December 23rd…I’m going to the bank, and he’s like “hey you wanna buy a $2500 stereo system cheap?”

I lol’d

I got a kickass DiVinci home theatre system for cheap from a white van. They sound amazing! :smiley:

i bought the ipad 2 at the apple store and it was sex

When I think of gullible people being tricked, I immediately think of this a news story. In the news story, a man poses as a doctor and convinces a woman that the only way he can apply ointment is with the tip of his penis. This went on for months.



What’s a book?

Some people are pretty stupid.