How easy is it to find matches on PC?


I’m looking to pick this game up, but I don’t want to be in the same situation as I’m in with AE PC, where I just can’t find matches. Do people play this game on PC?


No. The game is broken on PC.


I play, although usually it’s on ranked using fight request while practicing on Arcade Mode. Endless lobby seems to be non-existent except for a few lobbies.


Normally, I’d say go ahead and pick it up, but this game’s netcode is so horribly inappropriate for the PC platform, it’s a waste of money.

If you want to buy a fighter for PC to play some online, just wait for Skullgirls instead. And hey, it’s even cheaper! :smiley:


you find no matches on ae? hard to believe.
maybe you shouldn’t search but just let the automatic matchup system from the arcade mode do the work.
pretty much all the time I couldn’t even finish one round against the cpu before a match comes up.

yeah… or wait for skullgirls. pc version should be released this month.


I get matches all night long, thats how I ended up high on the leaderboards, it will tell you how many matches each person has played just by clicking the name. Last time I checked I had like 1100+.

So yea you will find matches, plus its WAY easier than AE - since it will wait and auto set you into a match once one is found, no more having to re search 20 times first.


I haven’t had much trouble finding matches the few times I was on so far (I know, I need to get on the PC version more, I’m working on that!). That said, I’ve run in to some teleportation devices a few times even after the patch (initially I hadn’t).

I’m about 50/50 on it, keeping in mind I primarily play on console.


Thats right! Dont make me post a whipping on youtube!! lol jkjk