How easy would this be?


I am planning on buying a Brawl Stick at Gamestop for a few bones. (I play on PC)

How easy would it be to change the buttons, stick, and top art for this once purchased? Any soldering or tools required? Also, I’m on a very strict budget as I was just laid off so a stick more expensive than this is sort of out of the question.


The brawlstick uses madcatz knock-off’s of Sanwa parts. It’s pertty much just removing the buttons and stick and dropping in the new ones. All you need is a 3mm hex key(somebody correct me if I’m wrong), and a few screwdrivers for removing the balltop and the joystick(you have to take the balltop off first). No soldering is necessary at all for routine part swaps.

The cost of parts you need to upgrade it to Sanwa would be around $50, if I remember correctly. For what you pay, the brawlstick is a pretty decent stick as is, and the upgrade potential is also a plus. I’m sure you will find the process simple, should you chose to swap the parts.


$50 is a good number. You can probably get a Sanwa-modded one more cheaply through the Trading Outlet.


Replacing buttons and the joystick is by far the easiest mod you can do (Well probably changing the artwork is the butt easiest) No soldering and it’s pretty straight forward.