How exact;y should you play as

how should you play as Remy i know a few combos (dHK-flashkick-cool blue kick, in corner Neutral throw fiere flash) and i also charge partiction but i dont know how to really land damage can some one help me please?

poke relentlessly between combos few can match his speed

thanks that helped alot i actually won a match because of a MP

for starters, always have an LOV in front of you. as in throw one then stay behind it as it aproaches the enemy. you can do this by dashing or jumping or CBK. if you dash, you can grab or poke. grabbing is good for those who likes to parry the projectile. if you jump in, do his bread and butter or grab. just make sure you have a sonic boom covering you all the time. for air to air, if you hit him with a HP, do a Flash Kick as soon as you land or a CBK. there are alot of anti airs so maybe we’ll talk about that some other time. but the crouching HP is good as you can follow it with FK or CBK. this sucks though if it’s parried so i suggest you do this as a punishment for mistakes instead (missed shoryukens, parried attacks etc) you should always be charging for both SBs and FKs but that doesn’t mean crouching in the same spot so this is where partitioning is handy. of course no opponent is a dead duck waiting to be hit so for a more advanced strategy, try looking for it at Everdred’s thread.

play remy like you only brought one quarter in your pocket. and like a cheesy r&b song, ‘make it last forever.’

play remy how u want to play him, reading about tricks might be great and all but u wont understand them unless u’ve been in that situation u know?

i think all remy has to do is be annoying to the degree which causes the other guy to BELEIVE you have no chance of actually winning, convinced he has nothing to fear from LOVs and tick hits on the fly. with remy, this is a task involving little focus on getting the KO, and more on the process of how to land your meaty combos in a given situation.

theres no need to be overly aggressive to land hits with remy, only profound patience. an aggressive attack makes sense in contrast to a lack of an aggressive series of attacks…and when thats whats expected, they have then entered ‘the remy zone.’

What exactly is Remy’s B&B combo?

cr. lk, rrf. tick throw, and neutral throw in corner, rrf.


if i sound like im reinventing the wheel here just bare with me.

i think it was lotus who posted recently about how ppl there say remy has the BEST defence. isnt remys defence actually an OFFENCE? and isnt it just manifested differently than any other character in 3s?

its funny because i see ken being played very similarly to chun and yun sometimes, and they can get away with it since their basic approaches center around the process of working their way in close enough to land supers. take a ken v ken match for example, its all about who will flinch first and allow for an opening to hit confirm SA3. youve seen it a hundred times, and thats why a ken v ken match is so boring imo. remy has to hit confirm too, but its like you already know the plot to the ken v ken match before it begins ya know.

a match involving a remy and a ken, yun, or chun is a whole different animal entirely. the same tricks that worked for them will still work on remy, of course. but remy must rely on a totally different approach if he is to win because he simply cant compete in the same way.

because he is so unique and low tier, if remy tries to compete using the same basic approach as ANY OTHER character in 3s he will lose. sure this is true for other characters, but this is a remy tread. now if u were to rate defence from 1-low 10-high for chun, ken, and yun it might go something like 9, 7, and 5, respectively. theres no doubt in my mind that remys is a 10. ok, im not talking about ability to take the least damage. im talking about potential ability to AVOID taking damage at all.

what this implies is that remy wins primarily by using indirect means; its his basic approach. he doesnt go to the fight. the fight comes to him; its not a matter of if, but when. if remy is to survive he must know when to strike and when to dash out of range. this is a skill that takes a lot practice because my ADD flares up during matches at random, and you gotta be really focused to know when and how to run away.

lets face it. like ever said, theres only so many tricks you can learn with remy outside of the basics, including partitioning and buffering. its knowing when to use those tricks in a given situation that takes practice and experience. a skilled remy simply knows how to anticipate a situation that calls for running away, and when to make that critical decision.

as a rule of thumb, id say run away according to the level of skill the other player has. think of it as being a direct relationship: if hes being a scrub rape him, if hes got skill remember to run away and maintain proper space.

just make sure you have more life at the end of 99 seconds than he does. thats all you really have to do to win.

so remember…‘pain is a cheap substitute for a vitality gauge.’

remy’s a quicker and a weaker version of sagat.

nuff said

every time you do a sonic boom, either dash forward/cbk or dash back.

play mind games

I’ll admit… I’m a retard always doin SB and then CBK. that’s why i get raped half the time

you know…
you’ll all know you’re doing the right thing if you start hearing the opponent mumbling about how a runaway and projectile bitch you are PERIOD. now this is my weakness, if i hear something like this, a gear in my head kicks in which sends me to agressive rushdown mode for some unexplained reason. then i lose.

People tell me this all the time (mostly top tier using scrubs) and I used to react the same way. Now I stick to my guns and trash talk back. I love telling top tier whores who call me a projectile bitch that they dont understand the game and that their bread and butter is hit confirm supers and if i run they cant do that shit and I win. Thats why I like playing low tier character, their whole game does not revolve around supers.

Am I the only person on this board that plays Remy aggresively?? I used to use the runaway technique at first, but I got tired of bitches calling me low tier and a turtler so I started practicing with different approaches and mastering all of the different ways to connect into 5-6 hit combos (there is a great amount). There is no way I stay back now, unless I’m fighting Hugo. It’s still about mind tricks, that’s really all it is, never repeat the same combos twice, try to mix them up, and UOH and EX flash kick should be your best friends. I really hope me and PHD get to record some matches soon, as I know you all probably think I’m crazy :confused:

well said, very well said :clap:

i used to be so agressive too. but when you start meeting high level players on a regular basis, you’ll have to rethink your stragy. stun-crazy dudley/necro/alex… damage combo/crossover-bitch shotos… juggle-freak urien and yuns and that 2-button damage whore chunli. you can hit these guys 10 times and throw gazillions of LOVs but they can shake it off just like that. but they on the other hand only needs one parry or one hit confirm and they’ll beat you back to france.

“you’ll have to rethink your stragy.”

I’m not sure if you and me had the same type of style, it’s really hard to explain how to be agressive with Remy…at first it was a pretty stupid way of playing, since most of the time I’d end up getting parried and combo/SA’d, I decided to stick with aggresive since it’s not the style most people expect from Remy, It takes a lot of practice and training. There’s a different strategy with every character you play against, not every tech will work with every char…I know you say you were agressive too, but then again most people on here are defesive, but that doesn’t mean they all play the same way, there are different types of styles Remy can be played with, and we might not play the same way…I know playing agressively with Remy might be rare and difficult, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible…

or maybe from what you said, i expected a different meaning with the word “agressive” maybe i am agressive still but in a defensive way.

lets compromise and be defensively aggressive.

what about aggressively defensive? :confused: