How exactly do I exploit my walking speed?

I see in some of the posts here and in that video commenting thread that Vega has the best walk speed in the game but it fairly isnt used by a lot of people including me. I spend most of my matches crouched spamming lp and mp. How exactly am I supposed to use the walking speed to my advantage, walk up throws?

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Walk-up kara-throw is the biggest one. Press HK a frame before pressing throw and you will extend your throw range considerably. Done correctly in training mode the input will look like this:
:hk: (this is the only HK you press, with the proper timing it will just show up again on your input code with the throw above)

Kara-throw is extremely threatening because you can throw most characters farther away that they can throw you - and with your walk speed you can be out of range of their normal attacks, and in a split second, walk forward and kara-throw. Then once they are scared of kara throw, the true mind games begin and you can walk up and start a hit confirm combo like LP LP MP EX.FBA, or you can fake them out and walk-in then back off slightly then throw out a df.HK to catch their tech and combo into ST. You can dash-in and start a combo with cr.MK or cl.HP too. Walk in, then do a LP, then throw, and you can even Option-Select the LP with a cr.HK to catch backdashes. All of these mind games can take place while you are not in a good range for your opponent to hit you, and it’s all thanks to your walkspeed and kara throw letting you get in when you want, not to mention your Claw giving you a superior poke range and your EX.FBA making opponents scared to just start dashing or teleporting away.

Fireballs are not as much of a problem for you because you can block them and walk forward at a fast pace. You’ll have to block several, but you can walk a fireballing opponent into the corner just by blocking and walking forward!

When opponents jump in on you when you’re not knocked down,.sometimes you can walk-forward under them quick enough and hit or throw them as they land.

Vega’s walk-backwards speed is possibly even better than ANY of the cast - if the opponent tries to walk up and throw you without a true tick-throw, chances are if you were holding back you will just walk back out of their range and be able to punish with CH or your own Kara throw. When the opponent is in the air you can walk back freely too, and often a long-range jumping attack can be avoided with a last-second walkback and then kara-throw.

Hope this helps, walkspeed is a very good question to ask about.

“Vega’s walk-backwards speed is possibly even better than ANY of the cast”

It is the best

Vega walks faster than anyone in either direction, period

If you want to exploit Vega’s walkspeed… then walk. All you have to do is move around as much as possible.

Yes; a vega that holds downback and relies on c.jabs and c.strongs is not a vega that wins very often.

Also, since YOU walker faster than your opponent, you have MORE control over the distance between you and your opponent. Guess what… that is a big advantage.

Just think of it this way:

Viper, Rufus, Boxer, Cammy, Yun, Yang, Abel, Gief, T Hawk,(rush down and grapplers) etc etc WANT to be close to you, pretty much on top of you. Why? Because they are seriously advantaged over you if they are on top of you.

Guile, Sagat (sometimes), Dhalsim, Gouken, (zoners) etc etc WANT to be far away from you. Why? Because they are seriously advantaged over you if they are far away.

Claw on the other hand is very unique… He wants to be at a perfect middle range (best defined as just outside of Ryu’s c.forward range, or just outside of poking range). It is this range at which actually is advantaged.

Now that you know that the distance at which you play your opponent is important, don’t you wish YOU were in control of the distance you get to fight at? Oh wait, you ARE, because you walk faster.

If you are a new player, then just try this, I promise you it will be eye opening:

Next time you fight a Ryu, don’t hang out at full screen, but rather, cautiously walk forward until you are in a medium range. (Don’t jump over fireballs… just block them) Then see how the dynamics change in this matchup… If he fireballs, you actually have enough time to tap standing medium kick and knock him out of the startup. If he jumps, you have plenty of time to hit upback medium kick, up forward airthrow, or neutral jump roundhouse… also, you have time to backdash then cosmic heel, which at certain distances and timings will anti air Ryu.

Suddenly a matchup that seems so unfair suddenly seems a little more… even.


well, yeah… with what other char can u win a rd using only grab against 11k BP kens?

if only i knew how to kara throw…

gief… I’ve done it quote a few times lol

Exploit as in USE IT. He doesn’t really have the normals to down back like Guile does. You should constantly be moving.

Bison walks forward just as fast as Vega. Chun-Li and Akuma walk forward even faster than Vega. But Vega DOES have the 3rd fastest walk forward and the fastest walk backwards.

Walking in and out of the range to poke st mk and far st lk>Cr mp/St. HK. With vega’s walk speed there is little reaction time in from the range of a st. Far lk and a walk p throw so its east to mix em up. One thing i started out with was the front throw>dash st. lk mix with some kara…its a very safe setup to start out with…

Nope, Vega ties for best forward walking speed, along with Akuma, Chun, and some other (Gen crane stance?) but he has the single fastest back walking speed, so overall he IS the fastest moving character.

You’re right in saying Vega is the fastest overall but Akuma and Chun do walk forward faster then him; even though it’s just slightly it’s there.

Bison is the same as Vega maybe a tad bit slower, hardly noticeable.

Vega outstrips them all walking backward.

Person-Man is correct.

EDIT: Goddamn, you’re right, Gen is pretty fucking fast in that Crane stance, he’s up there too.

Damn and you and Person-Man are also right, Akuma and Chun do indeed walk faster forward…

(kyle) I’ve learned something today(/kyle)

its not that useful for escapes IMO, most good players forward dash all the time anyway, walking backwards is no big help…

the best part about it is how much taller you get when walking, its menacing and intimidating to see the speed and height at which vega moves forward or backward, i am always moving forward and backwards just to keep myself taller

that said, it is vegas most useful tool… where it is ACTUALLY useful is in distancing, its te most important part of any Vegas game

Ryu and Akuma and Chun, etc rely heavily on distancing, and vega can quickly stuff up their game by moving closer or free himself from their reach

its perhaps most useful against Fei long, and i use it in conjunction with focus attacks to bait, feign, & draw opponents into moving or striking when they shouldnt

it would be alot better with a chun-like back dash, but just the back walk alone isnt going to help you escape from the likes of chun or akuma anyway, but it helps with distancing… even thought the backdash seem even slower than his walk back…

but its my main tool for fei long