How exactly do we remove Sanwa Screw-In buttons?

I have a AIAB arcade stick, and I’m trying to remove the screw in buttons. I tried twisting/turning it clockwise but it wouldn’t budge, is there a trick to this o.o.

Nope you’re doing it right, just gotta turn it harder.

EDIT: Wait, clockwise? You have to turn it the other way.

Left Loosy, Righty tighty.

I’m a bit confused. I was told to hold the microswitch(the black thingy) under the button and turn it clockwise.

EDIT: That’s what Ed told me.

Well, relative to the Nut, if Nut stay still, Microswitch is moving clockwise.

yeah the nut itself has to be moving counter-clockwise or the switch has to be moving clockwise. or both :smiley:

LOL love it, my dad use to say this to me all the time

I still can’t unscrew it, do I require any tools to do this?I have been using my bare hands.

Man up and twist that shit off, son.

If you’re still struggling with this, try turning the actual button clockwise while holding onto the nut. That always pops it loose enough for me to just spin the nut off quickly.

Is it possible they’re glued into place?

It WAS glued in place. Hot glue. But I scraped it off though…

AIAB hot glues the screw in buttons?

use pliers or a vice grip

I find one of those rubber anti-slip mats come in real handy when trying to loosen stubborn nuts.

wtf, glue on a screw in? Thats pretty unnecessary imo

Hot glue comes of super easy, The JLF’s in TE’s are glued in as well as the wiring harness.

Sanwa screw ins shouldn’t need hot glue to begin with…

I know hot glue comes off easily. I know people like to drop some glue on the stick/harness connection. But on buttons to keep the nut and body together, thats just overkill imo.

They were probably glued at the factory. I replaced the buttons in a friends SF2 Anniversary stick and the nuts were glued on with that red coloured gunk that was pretty hard to get off.

Some buttons were super easy and the others took a bit of effort to unscrew.

I guess I should leave ED feedback that he doesn’t need to hot glue “screw-in” buttons.

Edit: I used pliers and the buttons came off, sweet!