How exactly do you get better at this?

Hi. There are a ton of clips and forums/reddit etc, and despite my best efforts trying to wade through it all (or some of it, I only have one life! :D) I’m still none the wiser.
I practice in the training room. I get the basic concepts, or at least I know what they are, but playing against a person (ranked or casual) just feels like I’m suddenly playing a completely different game.
I’m not entirely sure how to get past this as it’s quite frustrating. There are a lot of people who want to help, but I think don’t really know how (teaching is a skill) and sifting through hours of yourube clips doesn’t really make it any easier.
What should I do? Thanks

Go out there in the field and fight. It’s the only way you’re going to get better. I’m 100% self taught. I dont know any of the names or technicalities of this game - I just know that I have them all down by simply observing other players and also adjusting what works for me.

Then again I’ve been playing street fighter on and off since about 2008 or so when I started with SF3 on xbox live. It takes time. There’s no magical video you watch and then become great. Fighting games are all about having the touch- the feel. Sure reading about the technicalities and trying to practice them helps - but just fighting players online is the way to get better.

What about training mode? Most people I come across say “lab it” in response to stuff. Problem is when you get stuffed by some combo or play online it’s hard to actually know what happened. Even watching the replay with inputs on is tough to figure. Also training mode, while certainly useful, isn’t the same as a real fight. It always feels like when i move into a real match, it’s a completely different game

Hang on, this is supposedly a pretty big place online to talk fight games and I get only 1 guy responding? That’s not very encouraging