How exactly is crouch teching nerfed in the 2012 version?


Throughout evo and other tourneys I have heard commentators saying a player should have stand teched since crouch teching is nerfed now. Why is stand teching better now and how exactly did they nerf crouch tech? Does that nerf also effect crouch teching with for certain characters like Ryu.


There was no nerf to crouch teching, the commentators were probably saying that more people punish it now or something to that effect.


frame traps have become more used and stronger throughout the years, in this version cammy, one of the best and most used characters, has stupid frame traps


Crouch teching loses to tech traps (frame traps). There is absolutely no reason to risk eating a counter hit combo in order to avoid a throw. Crouch teching also has only 7 frames where a tech is possible as opposed to the 10 stand tech has. Stand tech has a higher recovery time, which crouch tech gets around by making the recovery safer in case you miss. My argument is that you shouldn’t be teching at all unless you know or at least highly suspect a throw to come. Standing tech has it’s benefits but also has a much greater risk of losing much much more damage than throw damage.
But as stated above there have been no nerfs to crouch tech unless the normal you’re crouch teching with got nerfed.

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in addition to what these gentlemen have already said, in most cases if someone goes for a frame trap, stand teching will throw them out of the start up of the normal they were trying to frame trap you with

there are exceptions to that, but or the most part stand throw will beat your standard anti crouch tech frame trap