How far are you travelling to evo

i might go. if i do its a long bus ride(/drive), about 5-6 hours, 300something miles. i know that pales in comparison to cross-country for mixup and the east coast crew but just curious. how far are you going to get your ass kicked?

i’m coming up from your area. so about 300 miles to get my ass kicked

Pretty fucking far, i better not get hated on:lol:

According to Mapquest, 2694.23 miles.

I’m just guessing here. 30 miles, maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Her BarrelO, I beat ya. 2702.02 miles for me.

I mean come on…I’m literally travelling across the entire continent.

Good luck to you guys. I hope your trips are worth it.

i’m travelllin’ about a half hour. :smiley:

however far it is from birmingham alabama to cally.:smiley:

8 hours give or take 1hr 30 minutes…THEN another 1hr per day (I’m staying at my uncle’s, FREE FOOD/HOUSE!)

Maybe an hour?

30 minutes!:smiley:

45 minutes

3000 miles (Toronto, On)

Over the pacific ocean…

~300 miles… or 6 hours (7 to the coast)

28 minutes just for Cvs2 hahahaha.