How far can I get in this game without throw tech?

I tried mashing it, delaying it and nothing is working so I’m thinking about just forgetting it altogether and continue playing this. Is it possible?
I’ve been trying to get this since SF4, I really don’t know what to do anymore.

If it’s not working, focus on other aspects of the game. Try forgetting about it except in situations where you think “this guy has GOT to throw here” and tech when you think that. At the very least it’ll get you paying attention to when your opponent throws and it’ll prevent you from being crouch-tech punished. See if that works. You can usually do ok until they catch on that you can’t throw tech. Bit harder online because people abuse throws because with lag they’re harder to tech.

Not far… forget about it altogether if you like once someone finds out you cant tech a thing, you’ll get thrown around in matches all night long.

Yeap, I have seen a fair few streams where people test this out, and if they can’t tech start going throw happy. It’s an essential tool, you just need to practice. Set the dummy to throw every so often and go from there.

I had the same problem and this is what I did and since I haven’t had too many problems.

Select Adon as the dummy and record him doing jaguar tooth to immediate rising jaguar, then again but this time to throw instead of rising jaguar. On playback block the jtooth, and OS tech (db + throw), if done right the rising jaguar will be blocked and the throw attempt will be teched. Practice on the timing on when to input the os tech. Record adon doing this in an unpredictable order that way you forget as to whats coming on playback.

Guess I’ll keep trying then, such a pain in the ass when I see the throw coming, I try to tech it and nothing happens. Thanks for the help

Depends on your opponent honestly. maybe they dont throw that much.

but the bottom line is that as far as conditioning yourself to throw tech isnt that difficult, it just feels weird at first. what you’re gonna wanna do is just hit that throw any time you think your opponent is likely to throw. just layer it on little by little till you’re doing it subconsciously.

look for tic throws, look for wakeup throws, look for raw jumpin throws, look for FADC throws, look for reset throws. no one techs a throw on reaction, what you need to do is try n get in your opponents head and predict when they want to throw. look for their throw baits too.

just like any part of this game (or just about anything for that matter) you get out of it what you put into it.


There’s your answer

These threads are so retarded and defeatist. No one wants to try anymore.

A more appropriate topic would have been: “How can I improve my throw teching?”

you can’t mash throw tech…you can’t mash in this game period
your throw won’t be consistent if you’re mashing cause you might be whiffing a move, & you can’t do two things at the same time, you might even be whiffing the throw (if you do stand tech)

& the engine itself doesn’t seem to like mashing, try mashing out links, like Ryu’s cMP x 2, it’ll come out slower than trying to hit it accurately

It’s true you can’t mash links but to say this game doesn’t like mashing is just hilarious.

Actually, I think this topic is extremely appropriate, assuming if he’s talking about online play. You can pretty much flowchart mash DP your way online. The ever prevalent red headbanded, hadoken throwing, DP/jumping RH sweep mashing robots in ranked mode is evidence of this.

He said he’s going to forget throw teching because he can’t do it.

Stop enabling him.

k sorry

I’d honestly say it depends on the level of play the guy is at. Generally when teaching people who are genuinely new how to play, I will tell them to just ignore throw teching while they are first learning. It is important, yes, but consistent anti-airs and blocking are much, much more important, and I find people really can’t learn a lot of things at once.

Teching on reaction is not what you should be trying to do. You should tech when the conditions for your opponent to throw you have arisen, not when you see the beginning of a throw animation–by then it’s too late.

I found that getting more aggressive about attempting to throw my opponent helped me to tech throw attempts against me. If you’re looking for throw opportunities, you’ll see them more often.