How far can u get in st

on 1 credit

before i got upto vega with n.sagat then died so i closed winkawaks and played sumthing else

but so far thats the best ive done

can u guys win the game on just 1 credit? lets discuss this


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nice thread bro

I beat the whole game on 1 credit just last week. I was using Akuma though :sweat:

I used O.Sagat :sad:

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at arcades back in 94 I managed to finish without losing a round with E.Honda, Balrog and Vega.

Balrog is the best to beat Akuma at the end of ST with Dashing Low Uppercut whenever you see Akuma jump from afar getting ready for Air Fireballs, you duck under the projectile and punch him out of the air.

Akuma was also susceptible to slide sweeps from Vega and Balrog’s low dashing sweep punch on wake-up

Your name describes this thread.