How far do you drive to work? or thats gonna hurt mah gas tank



anywho I was considered for a position but its like over an hour from where I live at…considering my car isnt in any shape to drive long distances daily I may turn it down…I just want to know how far do you guys drive to work or am I being a jive ass turkey for not taking the job…its more money id earn but also my car eats gas…I put in at least $40 a week for my current job and thats about 25 minutes from me…I also looked into public transportation (driving to a park and ride and just taking the bus to there) but I dont think the bus goes out there…ill have to double check…


I fly to work… Its about 1600 k away. But fuck it its free so we in there.



I mean, youre in ATL too right? An hr commute is honestly kinda typical. One thing i had to get used to here is that everything is mad far…and there is not REAL subway system. that said, it takes me about an hr…depending on what location i need to be in. And you add traffic into the equation forget about it.

Luckily my side job i can just take the marta there…but my fulltime i either drive the way or drive to a park & ride. It just depends on a few things (like whether i have to go to daycare or not)


I bike, but Chicago is pretty good for biking.


136km each way at €1.65 per litre.


I live about 2-.2.5 miles from work, so yeah, pretty damn close. And since I work from home 2-3 days a week and I take the subway or ride my bike to work from time to time on the days I have to be in the office, my gas costs for work commutes is really low.

Due to this, and my day-to-day locales are also close to me, I only have to fill my tank up once a month. Only exceptions are the occasional road trips up, down, and around the east coast.


I only drive a few miles to work, I ride a bike if the weather is nice. I typically go through about 1 tank of gas per month.


38 miles.


My last job was 18 miles away, and I was really worried about taking it because if my car stopped working it would be an almost 2 hour ride on public transportation. That for me was a bigger worry than the gas. And my car did end up going down for one point and I had to take that bus ride for about 2-3 months.
My current job is closer and in a better part of the city so it would take a big pay difference, or a really good opportunity for me to even consider working that far again.

Also If there any work you can do to your car to improve your mileage get that done as soon as possible. because it will be costing you money the longer you wait.


I live 21 miles away but my commute can lasts from 45-90 mins depending on traffic, each way. It sucks if you consider how much of my life is spent in traffic.


What the fuck do you do?

That is awesome. :tup: :tup:


20 mins for work, 40 mins for school.


plus words and stuff at the bottom of this video post


Can’t see videos in work so an explanation is required.


I used to commute 40 minutes to work and 1h 30 m back. I really don’t recommend it.

Right now, my commute is a 5 minutes walk.


In my city, it literally takes about 15 minutes to get just about anywhere. I’m still trying to figure out how the fuck that works…

Our gas out here hit up to bout $4.19 last i checked.


Tres conversiones son necesarias para sono bun o wakarimasu.

Its been a while so I probably butchered that, but you get the point, or if you don’t, thats kind of my point too.


I’ve done the Math, public transportation would not be cheaper for me, it would actually be more expensive. Fuck you 4.69 gas. supply and demand my fucking ass. And its a 30 mile commute every day


My work is about 15 miles away. Before my car turned into a cheap ass turd nugget, I’d be able to get there in 15 minutes, 10 if i was really in a hurry. This was becase my house and job are pretty close to the freeway. Now that 5th gear doesnt work i just take the street, and that pretty much doubles my commute time to 30 minutes. The few times that i had to take public transportation, i could get to work in about 45 minutes if the bus gods were happy, or about 2 hours if i happened to be leaving work late at night.


when i was working in san fran from the east bay on a good day my commute was an hour and 15 each way… and that’s like nonexistent. i was generally commuting 3+ hours a day total, sometimes 4+ if there was any accidents etc.