How far would you go with rare sticks?


Less technical, more of a question for you stick collectors. Do you prefer to leave rarer sticks in stock condition or do you believe you are paying for the body of the stick, more so than the entire product? What are you thoughts and what lines will you not cross when swapping parts?

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i usually second guess mods that involve cutting into the case or changing the original aesthetic look of the stick too much, the PS1 namcos and DC Agetecs come to mind. then again i’ve never been much of a collector. i keep different joysticks to experiment with different stick bodys and button layouts, i wanna make my own awesome custom stick one day from what i learn. the worst you could do to your VLX is getting a big custom plexi + waifu art, you should be fine if you’re just swapping out parts.


Depends on what your goal is.

  1. If you want it mostly as a display/conversation piece, keep the parts stock.

  2. If you want to actually use it for play:
    … a) If you like (or don’t mind) the stock parts, keep them that way
    … b) If you prefer another brand/model/style, mod it, but I’d personally try to keep the aesthetics similar (ie, replace the buttons with Seimitsus, but keep the same color-scheme)

For collector’s sticks, I’d probably draw the line at modifying the casing externally. I’d probably mod the thing to Hell and back internally, but I’d definitely try to keep the external looks as stock as possible. Or at least have everything possible to revert back if needed.


I had already ordered some OBSF-30RG’s to throw in the VLX. It’s always interesting to see people’s philosophies on stick designs. Whether it be vewlix vs namco layout, 6 or 8 button, etc…

I’ll probably try out the RG’s on it since I hear good things about them. Shame they aren’t available in white. I would love to keep the stock look of the stick. Tried out the LS-32 but just didn’t please me aesthetically. Maybe after modding a shaft cover I’ll try it again.


The engineering definition of a “modification” is a permanent change to an object’s appearance or performance. Irreversible. I know it’s not the definition on here, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

I wouldn’t irreversibly modify a Namco, VLX, Agetec etc, but I would customize them, without permanently defacing them. Swapping out buttons, sticks, pcb’s, yeah, but wouldn’t get the Dremel out.


I never modified a stick but I customize all the sticks I get with plexi, custom art and of course making them into 6 buttons. Except for my Namco that all I did was swap some parts of the stick with JLF parts to make it feel new and snappier again.


Changing the buttons probably lowers the value of certain select stick (Namcos come to mind).


Kinda hard to mod a Agetec without a dremel, No joystick would fit without modding and Sanwa 30mm buttons are too big, 24mm buttons are too small.
Unless you want to go with Korean buttons.

You also have to factor in restoration efforts.
You got a classic stick banged up to hell, there only so much you can do to repair it.


What the hell is Sanwa Denshi doing with this. I assume the multiple start buttons are just mock up locations for where the final ones will be, but damn.

e: wrong thread oops.


Jesus that thing is terrible. It looks like they didn’t want to fab their own control panel like Hori and the others do, so they just threw in a bunch of ugly off the shelf switches and buttons. Also Start/R3 and R3/Start? WTF is that.


Oh shit wrong thread haha. But yeah I think there’s a toggle switch so you can have it be start instead of R3 and vice versa, still it’s dumb.


It really depends on the “is it worth it for the effort” factor and how you treat items like these, I know a lot of people are purists around here and just want to collect, so it’s a completely different POV if you just want to preserve, compared to most of us in tech talk who want to not only preserve but also improve.

Let’s say a Konami Hyperstick for the PS1. it’s considered rare and a collectible by many. Modding it involves desoldering the button board, but its the only way to replace microswitches, the buttons too are unique Seimitsu with specialized colors specially made for Hyperstick, would you replace that? the stick doesn’t need to be modded IMHO due to the parts being already arcade quality, otherwise its just an aesthetic choice, or just repair/functionality mods (different PCB etc). Then again, replacing parts for it is easy and its a case of “might as well change this and that” and since it doesn’t involve permanent case alterations, you can put it back to stock if wanted (if you didn’t fuck up something somewhere)…

Namco stick’s aren’t worth modding. It’s a crappy stick, lets face it. You don’t want one for functionality, its meant to be collected and for you to say you have 4 of them. Modding it is a hassle. you could say, its EX2 level hassle. Why would you mod it? it devalues it as d3v mentioned, but also you’re better off using that energy buying a better stick.

Then there’s weird premium sticks like the HSS-0130. The Virtua stick pro. You can leave it stock, but due to its age and time it was from, it’s probably not in the best state functionality wise. It uses saturn encoders, has (by now) crappy worn out gunky sun-yellowed buttons, and the Levers show its age with poor handling and control. So would you leave it stock? sure if you just wanna resell.
But if you wanna use it you’d want to refurbish and modify it. (lets be REALLY sensible here, who would go back to playing on Saturn ports of fighters when MAME or superior ports exists, on better more convenient displays and modern consoles). It doesn’t help that the VSP uses sega control panels, so your options have drastically multiplied on how extensive you want to modify it.
Would you keep it stock and just rely on converters? or completely re-do the whole thing, with a modern multi-console PCB, a fresh new set of buttons and joysticks, on a better condition control panel. By the end of it, you’d have spent more than you’d want, but now that stick is fully functional, and its benefits start to become clear because you can hook it up to anything you want to, not just Saturn, it has better control because of the new set of parts. IMO, by doing so, you ruined its collector value, but it sure plays a lot better.

Value is relative in my opinion, there’s always someone out there willing buy and there’s always someone who thinks the value of something is overpriced for what it is at base level. Even if there’s a general consensus of market price and rarity rating etc, Rare sticks are in the end just sticks too, its ‘rarity and value’ depends on the person who owns it in the end.

personally, I don’t simply mod if its a waste of time, regardless of what stick it is.


My only regret is that I can click “Agree” only once.


I don’t care about how rare it is. All I care about how it looks in the end. I wouldn’t vinyl wrap a gold evo te because you wouldn’t even know what is was in end. Plus you can just wrap a round 1.

I would however change it make it look better.

For instance:


Best thing to do is drill holes in your Namco stick to make it 8 button.


You’re going to jail


It’s not like we’re going to be down to the very last Namco stick or the very last green goblin. Nor do we need a mating pair.

I think that in general, very little should be sacred. That being said though if you punch 2 more holes into a Namco you’re going to a special circle of hell where they just drill into you randomly. Use good taste and judgment people.


I think it’s mandatory for every Namco stick owner to modify it to outfit a Fanta stick. The yellow buttons are ugly and belong in a Hori stick IMO, put some black PK-14’s in for a good experience.



please stop doing the “just the octogate” mod on HORI FS sticks.


I’ve been struggling with this question myself but price is more of a factor to me than anything. I recently picked up a Agetec DC stick and have been scouring the old Agetec threads about what is needed to swap in Sanwa parts. MKL basically did it better than anyone I’ve seen and is in line with what I’d like to do but then I start second guessing myself on the cost/benefit part of it in addition to the rarity.

In a nutshell a $60 joystick ends up becoming a $200+ stick after I factor in Sanwa parts + MCC + Cabling + shipping.

In the end it’s going to be a labor of love as you never get that money back on the secondary market.

I also wish I could find a HSS-0136 for a good price; the ebay sticks are $120+ and no indication of Seimitsu stick or not.