How far your Cap team has gotten?



Man I just hit 4th Lord with my Cap team and boy it’s a new ball game fun to play though. So who got a nice Cap team going?


my cap does fine in a tournament setting - internet is pretty crappy at my current location so i dont play online much. another tournament this upcoming weekend so expect more videos - my team has gotten about 10 times better since the last tournament lol no joke.


My cap has yet to be tested at a tournament, but i play LOTS of casuals lol with my friends, i mean im pretty sure we have broken the 500 to 600 match mark at least lol. Also from what ive seen i have the best Cap and probably deadpool on the east coast. So I cant wait till the opportunity to go to a tournament arises. lol i wont hold back


Best and only cap in Ireland.
Seriously tho… Ireland does have some very good players and I won the last tourney with the good cap.

I’l be attending the Irish Evo qualifiers on June 18th. There’l be lots of footage of the event I’m sure.

Not that online matters, but i’m 7th lord with 80%+ win rate with Steve.


Oh cool Doyler I can’t wait to see some of your tourney fights. :slight_smile: Hmm Deadpool and Cap sounds like they can be really annoying together. Great stuff I really want to see more Caps around. But not to much lol. Hmm I wonder has anybody here tried to play each other yet?


lol my extreme runaway IS annoying lmao, and thats a great idea. No one here has tried to actually play each other yet, maybe because online is really bad but still we should make an effort lol. I think ill make a new thread just for that


Im down to test my cap against other 360 caps


Darn I only have PS version. My name is Jellok10. Got to 3rd Lord a week or so ago so doing better. :slight_smile: Just having alot of problems with wolverines and dantes oeeeh. Hehe alot of cheaters in high ranks kinda sad. But the competition is tougher so im having fun.


I play Cap on point and would like to play some of you guys. Maybe we can teach each other something. I have PS3 version- My PSN id is PunishIgnorance. Add me and refer to this thread and let’s play some matches! I used my Cap team at CEO this weekend and did ok. Eliminated a few peeps :stuck_out_tongue:


after finally playing the game online on a decent connection i’ve come to a conclusion…


that’s all.


In my last local tourney I placed 5th out of like 20 or so people. I could have gotten 4th or 3rd but it came down to the wire and I messed up in a clutch situation. I’m starting to learn the matchup against Wolverine players now that people know how powerful he can be with lvl.1 X Factor. I still have issues fighting the likes of decent Magneto players and other really good air dash characters but I’m working on it.

I used to use Cap first on point but now I’m using Zero first then Cap second since Zero can make some really nice mix ups off of Shield Slash assist in order to get the first hit and build a lot of meter, even more so than Cap now since his non X Factor inf is gone. Plus Cap has a pretty good X Factor with his Shield Slash inf still able to work in X Factor if I feel like I need to get rid of a character right away but it depends on the situation that I’m in during the match.


cap is good x factor AFTER he lands the hit - x factor doesn’t help him open up an opponent AT ALL.


Yeah exactly. I wouldn’t use it as a means to go in and rush shit down commando style or anything, just to possibly get rid of the second character on the opponent’s team if I absolutely need to, or if I’m in a two to one situation in my favor and I score one hit from a shield slash or mix up, then use it to win the match right there, otherwise I save it for my anchor character Felicia for that kitty rape.


One thing that confuses me with Cap is his playstyle. I mean is he more offensive or defensive…some times playin with him I feel like he a counter attacker. Well I mean he has a very good backdash and a ok foward dash I always go why they made his back dash so good. I dunno lol still having fun with him. Heh I guess Marvel 3 makes me question alot of things about the game.


I’m pretty down on Cap right now. As Gimpy pointed out, he has a helluva time getting in and opening up his opponent. It’s damn near impossible to maintain strong pressure. I think he is supposed to use his cartwheel alot and occassionally his instant overhead, which isn’t that good, but it’s fast and hits even short characters unless they crouch. The instant overhead gives you a shitty way to open people up because if you have a long assist like unibeam or jam session, they’ll stay in combo long enough for you to get a combo. But his cartwheel is slow, has no invuln to anything, and you can’t even vary the range so it’s very difficult to get an ambiguous mixup (i.e. in front or in back) or even get a cartwheel setup. I recently picked up spiderman and he has a so much of an easier time getting in that it’s mind blowing. It’s seriously like night and day.


Captain America doesn’t really need to “get in” to do damage. Unless he’s fighting a character that can turtle all day like Wesker or Trish he doesn’t need to get in. He’s another Dante style character that mainly focuses around blowing you up from the mid range. The range that he can hit a grounded or airborne opponent with shield slash and dash in and land a combo is crazy. It’s like 3/4’s of the screen. You can throw like one shield slash at a jumping Sentinel or Wolverine and if it hits you can just dash forward in hit s.L and land 700k.

You guys are all fascinated on getting in with a character that doesn’t really need to get in. He can kill you just by landing one hit while controlling the mid range. If they got a lot of health turn on XF after the hit and infinite them down. Captain America doesn’t really need XF outside of death touch combos any way so might as well just use it for that if you have to.

His ability to stop the use of assists just by being on the screen is stupid. Anytime he has shield slash out on the screen you can’t have an assist called. If so he’ll stop the assist during the start up frames and then Cap is getting a chance to move in or land a combo from probably that far away any way if he hit you. Being able to dictate when the opponent can call assists is a big advantage for him. If he hit two characters happy birthday. He also has plenty of tools to stop spamming of projectiles.

He also has a really underrated set of normals including a long range 4 frame c.L that when backed up with good pressure or low hitting assist like Felicia’s rolling buckler can create some ambiguous left/right high low mix ups. Captain America only needs to hit you once to do 700k by himself before DHCing into someone else. If you guys aren’t landing 700k everytime you hit someone with Captain America you really need to.

If you want to get in…pick a character that like…actually revolves their strategy around getting in. Use Captain America for what he’s supposed to be used for and put Wolverine or whoever that runs in and does shit so you can rushdown with them. It’s a team based game. Stop focusing entirely on what Captain can and can’t do and focus on building your team to compliment what he doesn’t have. Not to mention he has a DP and DP super if he’s afraid of people getting in on him. Something most of the other cast doesn’t have. If somebody gets in on Dante, he’s done. Normals are garbage slow so you wont be counter hitting and the best you’ll get is pray for a normal throw if they pressure with something too close. Captain America has fast long 4 frame c.L and fast great hit box s.L for keeping people from getting inside too easliy.


i couldn’t agree with that more. captain america is NOT about “GETTING IN AND BLOWING PEOPLE UP FOR FREE ALL DAY MAAGGGNEEETTOOOOOOOOOOOO”

so don’t try to play him that way or make him that way.


I recently realized Cap’s main strength range, and switched up my strategy up with Cap…it’s like a totally different character. So far he seems pretty damn good at a semi keep away style play, and he keeps me happy since he CAN actually still move forward while doing it. I’ve never been a fan of true keep away character (Chris was a HUGE departure for me, but he is awesome) styles, so Cap is to me an excellent middle ground between getting in/staying out.

Damage wise, I thing he’s GREAT especially since he can land 650-700k+ starting from his freakin 4 frame c.L?!? That’s simply amazing in my book, majority of the cast seems to get hammered fairly hard when they start a combo with an L, but Cap does just great from it.

I have about a billion ways to land the most meaty parts of my main B&B combo whether it’s from a c.L or a random shield slash hit. If you get hit by Cap at anything other than the very start of a match (when there have been no hits), then you can kiss your *ss goodbye because of his damage potential. All that without having to have meter (I can build a bar within almost any combo)…or xfactor!

In my opinion he really only needs a couple very small tweaks, and that would skyrocket his potential for my style.

  1. Faster/near instant recovery from a cartwheel (or invincibility during the cartwheel)
  2. Varying cartwheel distances
  3. Double jump

Either 1 + 3, or 2 + 3 would make me pee my pants with joy because of what that would add to his arsenal. Adding all three I don’t see happening, and I can totally understand that.



Maybe it’s just me, but I regularly play a MODOK and maybe that’s why i’m obsessed with getting in. MODOK will literally eat cap alive if he doesn’t get in because dorito shield blocks charging star, and if you do hyper charging star he can do his throw hyper.


Modok can be a bad matchup for other zone based characters so that’s part of the issue. Captain America does fine against most characters that have to get in or anyone who’s projectile game can be blown up by his zoning or supers like Magneto. With Modok you’re going to want a character that can close the gap faster because he’s a character designed to command space also. Which since you can put 3 characters on your team hopefully you have two characters that are better at getting in on Modok and you can place them according on the team to fight Modok. Hyper Stars and Stripes will beat Killer Illumination if Modok supers first.

No need to use Captain America for what he’s not really supposed to be used for when it’s a team based game. You’re supposed to round your team out for different situations. When you focus all your energy on one character you lose touch of your team which is what you’re really supposed to be playing. That’s why I also mentioned Trish and Wesker because they are characters that can effectively range themselves from his optimal fighting distance and lame him out. Those are the characters he has the most trouble with and you’ll need to find which characters do better against them and work switch them in the fight. If the character has really strong air capabilities or can lame out from the air in general that’s a good sign that you need to get Cap out of there. That’s the one area of the screen has has trouble commanding.

Magneto isn’t so much of a problem because you can use downward angled air shield slahses to blow up his grounded disruptahs and charging star to hyper charging star can eat through abuse of any of his projectiles. His air projectile game is lackluster so he’ll be pretty much forced to get in. Especially when the air shield slashes will blow up his assists. Storm is a bit harder to deal with than Magneto because of her ability to use hail storm to cover up the screen but she still can’t use hail storm in the air and it has slow start up if she tries to use it as you’re getting in. You can throw charging stars out while she’s on the ground to scare from hail storming and if she tries it you can cancel into hyper charging star to blow up the start up. Her air projectile game while decent doesn’t really totally shut out Captain because he can use charging star to get through the mostly horizontal angle of her whirlwind projectile.

Charging star in general is not really a move you use to “get in”. Most people I see on streams use it the wrong way. It’s best purpose is for anti air or getting through other people’s projectiles. If you’re using it for anything other than that you’re using it wrong. For what it can be used for it’s a great anti air because it has a big hit box and all charging stars are 5 frame start up and launches them in a way where you can set up his most damaging 700+k combos easily. They can also of course pass through projectiles if the opponent is too happy with them. You can’t really use charging star just as like some move to ram your way in on the opponent because if it whiffs or is blocked you will die unless you cancel into hyper stars and stripes and then DHC into someone else which will cost 2 meters just to keep Cap from dying.