How fast does my internet really need to be? AE PC

I have a current speed of 6mbps down and 1mbps up and I have never had issue on 360. No one is using my internet, im the only one. AA on or maxed made no difference. Vsync is off, framerate on fixed. The lag is god aweful and my pc can easily play this game on max settings. What is the deal?

Maybe port forwarding?

How many different people have you tried playing with?

a good handful and one one or 2 didnt lag. But most of the ones that did spammed me with hate mail saying its my fault. I dont understand why this game uses more than my xbox360.

What is the RPM, cache size and read speed of the hard drive the game is installed to?

Is it heavily fragmented?

When testing your connection speed, how much jitter does your connection have to the various areas surrounding you?

Do you have any firewalls turned on, router-based or otherwise?

Are all ports forwarded, and your NAT showing as “Open” instead of “Moderate” or “Strict”?

With your preferred settings, what is your average benchmark frame-rate? If it is less than 100 FPS, tweak it some more so quality remains acceptable. The easiest things to drop and forget are motion blur and AA (at least for me). You can generally keep model detail, stage detail, and anisotropic filtering at their maximums, and shadows can be played with freely to achieve the desired look. Some people report lag with V-Sync turned on, and some don’t, figure out which it is for you.

How many processor cores do you have, running at what speed? If you need to turn off the parallel processing or multi-core rendering, go to My Documents/CAPCOM/Super Street Fighter IV/Config.ini and open it with notepad, setting the “Rendering Thread=ON” to “=OFF” and save, then check performance and benchmark.

The goal with this game is not averaging 60 FPS, because in a Fixed Frame-rate setting, your actual, maintainable FPS dips down below 60, because your minimum frame-rate is below 60 FPS in order for it to average near 60 or even 70, while Fixed is geared to drop frames only to maintain 60 FPS, so it is designed to be used for users with builds capable of much higher average frame-rates, so that even if your opponent’s PC can only handle 80 FPS on average, no matter the intensity of the scene, the game will simply drop frames for both of you to maintain its quota. If your settings and build cannot actually render the minimum frame-rate for 100% game speed, it is still going to slow down as with any other set of settings that are too much for the computer to handle at high FPS.

Average 90 to 100+ FPS and you will not see anymore slow-down, unless the next person’s PC really can’t handle the job. Yes the game has some nice graphical features, but you don’t need every bell and whistle to make it perform like it should with your PC configuration, it’s got plenty of flexibility. Tweak and push and pull until you get what you want visually, and maintain a solid frame-rate. I am fairly positive both consoles can average near 90 FPS on this game.

That’s the real problem with the benchmark, they give it to you, and then give the wrong grades for many PCs. That is why A rank PCs sometimes can’t do the job, because their minimum is less than 60, yet the game tells them it will run perfectly and you can go higher if you want. >.>

I might look around the files to see where it can be modified to show appropriate grades for a given PCs results. Might mess with matching though, so maybe it’d need to be patched in officially, who knows?

The recent heat wave(extreme) can degrade DSL conductivity over copper wire, so it can help to unplug and replug your modem to resync it if its been on all day long.

Make sure nothing is hidden or using your internet on your PC in the background.

Its not Vsync, I dont know why everyone thinks Vsync has anything to do with net lag. Playing without it just looks bad.

i have max 5 meg down and 512 up. and only ever have lag issues when someone else has bad graphics settings.

i play with a friend from the US lag free 99% of the time. hosting and joining. (im in the uk)

It may be your ports. I know some players have had a lot of success with port forwarding. In order to play online with GFWL, you need to forward the ports in this article:

I know personally, I’ve had great success with around 60-70 FPS and 1.5mbits/s downstream (though it has been raining, which means my connection is even slower due to wet phone cables). Your computer or your internet is definitely not the problem if your playing over 60 fps and you have 6mbits/s downstream and 1mbits/s upstream.

if you didnt forward your ports, then that should be the first thing you do, period.