How fast is the PSP web browser?

Thinking about getting one it got Skype now or something.

Mines Fucking slow :sad:

Depends on your connection, if you run custom firmware you can tinker with CPU speed to make it seem a bit faster, but it’s just your generic wifi browser. It doesn’t give you much bother unless the page is loaded with images. That’s when you’ll run into some problems, like slow loading times and files sizes too big. But for what it is, yeah it’s okay, but nothing special.

should I get one if I’m looking for a browser or is there something better out there?

You should get it if you want to play games on the go, listen to music, watch videos, and do some web browsing. It’s an excellent system, especially with custom firmware.

If all you want is browsing/Skype, no, it’s probably not worth the price.