How? Fierce Shoryu after EX-Joudan

Even though after playing Ryu for so long, I still dont know how you do that fierce shoryu after the ex-joudan kick and the opponent bounces off the wall and you are right by him.

I usually do the fierce punch to punish but i want to know how you do that fierce shoryu. whenever, i input the shoryu, it goes on the opposite direction.

here’s the famous match between ruu and rx. near the end, ruu does the shoryu im talking about. can anybody tell me how to do it?


You’re probably too close. My shoryu’s whiff when I do it too close to the corner.

Looks like he moved closer to the corner after launching Urien with the sidekick, and then did :dp: :p: for the SRK. The way I would’ve done it would be to input :bdp: and press :p: just as Urien passed over Ryu’s head. If you’re crossed up, while inputting commands, it still responds with whatever move you inputted, as long as it’s within a certain time frame, of course (maybe around a quarter of a second, or something).

Ok… hope this will help. I did this so many times, some people have different ways of doing it, but this one always works for me…

when your opponent bounces off the wall, do a Fierce Shoryu in normal direction (but do it slow), just make sure when the time you hit the Fierce Punch, your opponent is “Right on the top of Ryu’s head”. What happen is when the opponent passes Ryu’s head, Ryu will automatically turn around and do the Shoryu.

Just practice with the timing. Make sure you hit the HP button when the opponent right above you.


Isn’t roundhouse tatsu just more damaging?

Even if he is right by you it hits, although in the corner I guess not always and its hard timing, so you better do a fierce shoryu.

Out of the corner though, I don’t see a point of every doing anything else than roundhouse tatsu.

Don’t be afraid to prove me wrong though, I’m just a noob.

Most people I see just use s. FP to reset and then go for the dash cross-up.

If you check on “Practice Mode” as in PS2, HK Tatsu and HP Shoryu have same damage.
So It doesn’t matter which you’ll use, but I think if you use HP Shoryu, even if you miss ( which is almost impossible by my method on post #4— ) it should be saver when you land. On the other hand, HK Tatsu will still spinning at the time the opponent got up.

can anybody confirm my post #4 please… if anyone had tried it… I did that every time, never failed me.


Ill try it soon. It sounds hard to do, but Ill try. That was a cool way to win the round btw from the the vid i saw