How fighting games finally got friends into Esports

just want to share my feelings to some fighting game fans. just recently started playing alot of fighting games. ive always enjoyed them with friends, until i got blown up at mvc3 online (5-25) mk9 got me back into it though. heard about evo from live on three with dj wheat, started to check out shoryuken and testyourmight.

I somehow wiggled my way out of work this entire weekend, with full intentions of watching mlg all weekend, and to check out evo when there were no games. Pretty much from mk9 top 32 and then sfae top 32 on friday i was hooked, just so incredible to watch these games played at such a high level. MvC was awesome saturday as well.

Then sunday came along, i had to convince someone to switch and take my shift at work to see it. I convinced 4 of my friends to come over and watch all the finals, they had never watched any esports before. Beer helped alot to get them to come over haha.

The blazeblue was kinda cool, i had never seen that game before but it looks fun. Tekken though, man that was boring. Bob vs BoB vs law vs Bob, got so boring i just dont get the tekken gameplay.

Mortal Kombat took the stage and as soon as it did, i just felt the energy in the place shift. People were chanting “Mortal Kombat” others answering “sucks” Which got me wondering what the response was going to be to it, whether mk would have a good showing maybe get more people into it competitively, and from what i saw it looked great, there was alot of excitement, it looked fast and polished too me. My friends in I stopped making fun of the casters and how boring it was, and started to really get into the games. MK was good and it started the real tournament for me well.

MvC3 was crazy, the tron comeback ill never forget, I had told my buddy that it was over, he said “hes got a chance he has tron still” to which the rest of us just laughed at the absurdity that someone was gonna come back with tron ha. We all left our feet and screamed when he landed that special on phoenix. It was an awesome moment for sure.

then street fighter started. I had told my friends that this is where it was at. That the street fighter tournament was going to be sick. It did not disappoint, all of us were screaming at latiff vs daigo. Jumping up and drinking when latiff won a round.

It was incredible experience being able to invite friends over who have never been into esports and get that kind of excitement from it. I had tried that with sc2 numerous times, and its just not possible for people to get into sc2 with no experience with it.

I just want to let everyone know that Evo and the fighting game community has a new member after this weekend. Ive never got so into a video game tournament as this one, and im proud to tell people that i spent my entire weekend, getting off work to watch a fighting game tournament.