How Flashy Are You?


sup ya’ll…im pretty new here,tryin to step my game up…lol, anyway, i thought i would ask this to see what kinda “mentality” everybody plays with.

So what is it? Anybody the flashy type? (i.e. extensive combos,alot of canceling,just basically tryin’ to style on your opponent)


Are you the BNB type? (i.e. Basic, easy hit-confirm combos, solid damage over stylish combos)

Me personally, I try to mix the 2. I use BNB as a basis but go for the flashy stuff when I either have a moderate life lead,block-strings, or when I think it’s gonna miraculously get me out of a bad situation, which doesn’t work btw.

Speak on it!!


My Flashiest Combo with Guile. Flash kick to Double Flash to Flash Explosion, thats a lot of flashes


SRK FADC Crouching Taunt (I did it at EVO), is my favorite. Yeah, in general though I go really over the top, I know of simple corner combos that get me often 50 more damage, but I will go for the ones that cost my entire super meter, but damn they look hot.


i go for bnb’s over flashy combo’s, i do the flash when i have to come up with bullshit when i messed something else up that still gave me enough hit stun to go for some hotness


i dont really go for flash but in the corner i do C.MK,EX Tatsu,EX Fireball,EX Tatsu. I guess thats kinda flashy.


Bnb type! :smiley: I like mine straight to the point.


I definitely take damage when I can get it

Not to mention I’m not as confident with my flashier combos and they don’t even do as much damage so I consider them a waste of time.


I wish I could be flashy! Kind of difficult to pull it off when you’ve only been playing a few weeks, though :-p


Unfortunately I don’t have the skill to play flashy…but if I did i totally would.


Not gonna lie. I like to do links into ultras even though I shouldn’t risk it.


I play about as flashy as possible. Just kinda how I liek to play lol.


Vega’s BnBs look hella flashy, so he’s the 2-in-1 type here X3


Even the best players in the world can’t afford to be ‘flashy’, in a fun game maybe but in a proper game i never would under estimate my opponent enough to taunt or try something flashy. the amount of times ive had my ass kicked all round like a noob and the guy has taunted me and bang the game has turned around and I have beat him, that must be embrassing.


Claw/Mask throw FTW!


With Cammy, I only have about 1 or 2 FADC mixups that I can do consistently, so I pretty much stick to just solid normals and bnbs. However, if I ever catch someone with a dizzy while I have super & ultra meter, best believe I’m gonna EX TKCS x4 into Ultra you, just because. I do, however, mess this up nearly every time :frowning:


The 1 and only time i’ve been in that situation with Cammy, I just did FA,CS,FADC,CS,FADC(b), U1. I know it didnt take off as much damage, but it has to fuck with your mental when you’re being juggled in the air for 5 seconds…:rofl:

oh yeah, and Seth is the only character i play with flashy with ALL the time. His shit is just 2 easy to do. lol.


I use Dudley, Abel and Cody.

It’s impossible to not be flashy with Dudley, his most basic stuff just looks cool. I tend to use his ducking reset on crumpled opponents too.

With Abel I tend to play pretty flashy, lots of FADC combos and tons of resets.

I don’t consciously mean to play flashy, I just like resets because of the damage potential and mind fuckery. They’re risky but worth it.

With Cody I play super basic because he’s my weakest character out of the 3 and has the weakest wake up game, even though none of them have a particularly strong one. I don’t even know if it’s possible to be flashy with Cody lol.


Its not how flashy the combos are it how flashy you are doing them. Flare that arm out when you hit that ultra or take it one step farther and do a dance…and make your opponent throw his stick in front of 15k people. Now that’s flashy.


Seth has flash and substance!
Umm well I go for a mix, the flashy stuff in 3s will work really well. As for st, not really, I would have to do a lot of button presses to be flashy- as in charging for super with chun, walking forward, jump, hp, c lk, lk, lk, kara cancel with an extra lk to super (f +k), link in tenshokyaku. (rising skyward/heaven kicks). Though an airthrow ko is a simple way to flashy ko.


Casuals: flashy
Tournaments: boring

That pretty much sums it up, in tournament play, I’m all about my fundamentals, but when the matches don’t matter I get to have some fun, waste meter, fish for impractical setups and so forth. Though I’ve been known to pull out full meter combos in tournaments, not necesarily because I wanted to show dudes the flash, but because I needed to make the most out of a given punish opportunity at the time.