How fun can you make the chat?


The “chat” as in the predefined texts are limited in scope but not much different than our own vocabulary - we know maybe like only 20% of the English language on average.

So my question is, since SF is a game of direct communication between two people; how engaging is the chat for you?

Personally I regard it as an essential part of the game, especially if it’s a 2-man lobby.

In my opinion there is almost nothing more disrespectful than a silent opponent in small lobbies - it’s not everyday you feel like “chatting” but in general I would say it’s disrespectful not to utter any words in between matches.

Just now I had a fun conversation with someone in SFV where he beat me 3-0 in three “First to 5s”, and I said “I gotta go”, etc., and he uttered the lines of the likes of Zangief and Juri - “My iron-body is invincible, so beware!” and “Which part of you should I break first” in his euphoria of three consecutive wins, whereby I finished the conversation with the, if I say so myself, brilliant “I’m not very fond of conflict”.


If I could write anything I wanted like in TTT2 it would b great but as it is with the predefined txt I find it useless


Pretty much this.

The only way to really make the chat useful is to just be able to write anything. If Capcom could establish the correct boundaries (don’t hold your breath) this would be the superior option.


The chat doesn’t even have a simple ‘hello’ or ‘bye’. I always say goodnight when I leave even if it’s still afternoon. Kinda dumb.


Just use one of the character-intro lines for “hello” like “Okay, let’s begin”.

That’s what makes it funny. If there was a “hello” it would feel like a dull routine mandatory out of courtesy to browse to it every time I joined a lobby.

Think outside the box, as they say…