How Gamers Get Down With YouPron

"There’s some strong bodily fluid love going on among Xbox users as well, with terms like ‘squirting orgasm’ (172%), ‘creampie gangbang’ (168%), ‘lesbian squirt’ (140%), and ‘teen creampie’ (134%) more likely to be searched on this platform than any other console. They reaffirm their love for bigger babes with the likeliness of ‘chubby teen’ being searched for 110% more than on Playstations or Wiis. Playstation users keep it relatively simple here, but again prove their love for the older ladies with terms like ‘mom’, ‘mature’ and ‘milf’ all being searched for significantly more on the platform. Wii users again keep it fantastical with terms like ‘zelda’ being searched for an astonishing 1082% more and others like ‘pokemon’ (591%), ‘hentai shemale’ (338%), ‘cartoon play’ (296%) and ‘cosplay’ (147%) all being searched for more than on other consoles. Let’s take a look gender demographic breakdowns among our different groups of gamers."

^ I’d link to where this quote came from, but I don’t want to link directly to YouPron.

More at the gallery:

Nintendo fans taking the biggest L. Weird bastards.


Some things are better left unknown.

sees the Nintendo top 10 search word

My bad.

It’s times like these that make me glad my mom was fat.

No surprise at Nintendo players running the hentai game. Xbone peeps running the shemale game. I knew I was right to be a Sony man.

No love for PS Vita users still :transformer:

So if your mother wasn’t fat you’d lay pipe in her?

Porn Hub had the PS4 as the most used console for porn. Interesting, lol.

not surprised in the slightest

Hentai Shemale
Solo Male
8min 23sec

That’s it. Nintendo audience is gay, Oedipus complex ridden, transsexual fetishist as well as premature ejaculator nerdy weebos XD

I won’t say anything about the rest of it, but “mom” is higher on the list for both Playstation and Xbox, than it is on the Wii.

Lol I saw kissing on the wii list. These niggas is definitely preteens. Probably girls too. A young nigga was watching some booty talk vids when them shits came out. If it’s males looking up these things, I’m scared for the future yo.

Instructional? NERDS!!!

Your typical Wii U user:

Heading to Youporn right now

Didn’t even know looking up porn on your console eas a thing.

Not to mention they view the most pages but spend the least amount of ahem “time.”

Fucking Wiiaboos