How good do you expect people at EVO to be?

i only play online, plus with a couple friends irl. i probably won’t ever go to evo, so i’m just curious what the general competition is like. my only reference point is online ranking, so how would you judge the evo crowd in terms of 1st, 2nd 3rd lord etc. ranking?

get the obvious out of the way - sometimes 9th lords are awesome and 3rd lords suck. obviously this scale isn’t absolute but IN GENERAL you should have a feel for how good online players might be based on their rank.

for example i’m 5th lord at the moment but i feel like i can beat the average 5th whereas i lose to the average 3rd. i have a very hard time beating 1st and 2nd.

whats the “average player rank” at evo? how good do you have to be to go, say, 2-2?

I’ve been to Evo before…

You get them all, from newbies who are interested and just spectate (or sometimes compete), scrubs who go and get ignored, average players in this or that, and pros.

There’s no bias to be found. It’s not like some prestigious tournament for the elite.

As for ranking… Anybody who’s going to be high level play doesn’t care about online rankings… It doesn’t matter what rank you are… just go and experience it. It’s awesome.

Any rank you want. Online rank doesn’t mean shit.

The people who ares actually getting into the finals at Evo would be the online equivalent of the highest ranking.

It’s like anything else, they’re the best of the best.

But you’ll have examples of every rank throughout the entire tournament. That’s how rank works - it weeds out the best players.

This is all that matters. Of course there will be people that can wreck the crap out of the top ranked players online. But that is to be expected. There are just some things you can’t learn or experience from online play in this nor SSF4.

So doing rage-quits to get to the top its being the best?.. Wow…

Why bring cheating up at all?

You’ll always have outliers in any discussion.

That doesn’t negate the accomplishment of a Cosmic Lord that earned it honestly.

The guy can play.

Before last EVO, I was pretty much an online-only player, and I went 5-2 in SF4. I don’t know what my rank was or anything, but I can tell you that I could beat, or at least hang with the vast majority of players I ran into online. So, I’d say that if you find yourself able to win fairly consistently against internet players who know what they’re doing, you can probably go to EVO and do a little damage within your pool (providing you dont get stuck in a bracket of death).

Honestly, there are way more bad players at EVO than there are good players. That said, the good players at EVO are on another level.