How good is deadpool anchor?



Running a team with Taskmaster(vertical), Dante(jam) and Deadpool(quickwork) is this a good team to run? Reason why im anchoring deadpool is because im trying for unblockable setups with Task and Dante.
Any combos for deadpool for this team would be grateful!


Deadpool has an infinite loop in XF3 with just doing quickwork-M or-H. To setup these loops 1)off a cr.L, just do LMHS, air MMH, Bolo [:qcf: :h:+:h:), air XF if your not in XF already, land, quickwork infinite. 2) off of an air throw or overhead, do katanarama-H, cr.M,st.H, quickwork infinite.

Now he has the tools of being a good anchor, since he can kill off of any hit or throw, has an overhead&teleports, but I’d say hes only above decent when compared to other anchors. He has a big speed boost, but has a short XF time for his own good. Plus, his quickwork loops take a good chunk of time to reach 1mil. His mixups on incoming characters is pretty good, what I’ve been doing is positioning myself near the edge of the screen, do H-guns towards the incoming character, then cancel into teleport under them. If they block it, you’ll teleport on the other side of them. If they get hit, they recover in the air, which then you can go for an air throw. Other than that, just play it out & learn some tricks with him. Experience goes a long way, I don’t have much with XF3 deadpool, but this is just my 2 cents that I found with him.


He’s a solid anchor. Self mixups with gun teliport. 1 touch kill on most the cast with an easy lmhs otg katana +h lmhs otg guns. go for that over quick work infinite to save x-factor time. his level 3 is hard to use properly but can make the difference and he wins zoning against most the cast too. he just doesn’t have the best normals like wesker and they aren’t nearly as safe.


check out this deadpool comeback :wink:


Old thread, but relevant discussion. Who is playing Deadpool anchor still? What are good incoming mix-ups after a dead character mid-screen and in the corner? I feel in the corner grenade into up gun’s looking for a grab if it hits and if he blocks teleport for a 50/50 works some of the time. Jabs into over head can catch them off guard…Of course guns teleport. What are some of your secrets?


A good anchor has the following qualities

  1. A great assist
  2. Great solo mixup ability
  3. Great XF abuser
  4. Fullscreen hyper
  5. Can kill off of a throw