How good is the average player at an Evo tournament?

I have a question for those of you that sometimes go to large tournaments like Evo. What would you say is the average player that attends these tournaments based on pp? This would be someone who might typically win 2 matches and lose 2 matches to get eliminated. I understand that playing online isn’t exactly the same as playing in person due to lag, but it seems to roughly translate. For example, I’ve seen very good players like Marn or Mike Ross play online and as expected, they win most of their online matches. I’ve heard it mentioned that most of the players that actually attend these tournaments are not very good, but it was stated by someone who is very good so I am not sure exactly what that means. So what kind of player is a typical “average” player at one of these tournaments? Would it be someone with 1000pp or would it be someone with 2000 or 3000 pp or something in between? I understand there are world class players there and maybe that even noobs might enter. But what is the average player (someone who might place 750th out of 1500 players).

I am looking for responses from people who have actually attended and played in very large tournaments like Evo (no thanks if you are just guessing).

Bell curve should sum it up.

The average player is… average. The better question is how do you compare to the average player.

You don’t have to be at any specific skill level to participate in a major.

i can maintain 3.5-4K PP & i consider myself average at best…SF4 is a very retarded game, just look at how many top players don’t even make it out of pools some times, that said though top 32 is usually where the cream of the crop settles, so anything below that skill level i would consider the average, out of thousands of players that’s pretty much the top 10%
meaning 90% of the players there are average, based on the fact that the top 32 or so people rarely change

unluckily for you though you might run into one of the top 10% in pool plays lol

It’s kind of random to be honest. You could get thrown into a pool of 1.5k PP like players and win some matches or you could get destroyed by your first opponent. If your question is kindly asking if there are several players there that do not have a chance in hell then the answer is, Yes.

Tl;dr but pp and bp have nothing to do with it. In all honesty at any major the average player is terrible, the average player mostly knows their combos, and a few mix ups. The thing that will separate you above them is being able to do max damage at every opportunity, know how to apply when to and why you apply mix ups, and last but not least FOOTSIES You know using your normal moves to control space and your opponent. Being able to recognize patterns and read opponents moves also is a skill most lack. Out of the majors Ive been to about 75% of the playerbase cant do half what of what I just mentioned.

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I participated in Evo this year. I almost made it out of pools. I played F.Champ on stream and lost, fought my way out of losers, and had to win one match before I qualified out of my pool. What would I consider myself? I’m currently sitting 2100 PP and a 4000 BP Guile. Doesn’t matter I rarely play ranked anyway. When I was grinding it, I went from 5k to 10k BP in less than a month (in Super) and to 4k PP.

Basically there are a number of factors involved in big tournaments. For one, matchup experience. My pool had 4 Blankas and I took out 2 of them. Blanka is a very popular character in my area, and my closest friend whom I play on a weekly basis has been using Blanka for years. None of the Blankas I played were above his level, or on his level. So I scraped that matchup pretty well.

I also played a Rose player. The Rose player made it easy for me, as he was trying to rushdown my Guile. Again, I come from a down/back turtle scene, and a rushdown Rose wasn’t going to get anything done. Esepcially in my area where we have lame Rose players who are very good with her. If I had El Furete and Viper to contend with I would have gone 0-2 especially if these guys were decent with those character. Kind of just depends.

I think to do any good at Evo you have to come from an actual scene though, have played in local tournaments a fair amount, and should generally know a handful of matches pretty well. I don’t think the average online warrior will be able to go to Evo and do any good. Though that online warrior may get a few matches under his belt. The online warrior could lose to tournament nerves as they aren’t use to playing under the amount of pressure that is at Evo. Having to wait to play and knowing you just traveled halfway around the country (or world) and you’re about to be eliminated puts on a lot of pressure. It’s a lot more pressure than hitting the ready button in some lobby and playing in the comfort of your home.

The average player for an EVO tournament? I’d put it simply as someone who may not be the very best at the game, but they know all of the basics and some combos for at least one character.

The average player at Evo gets disqualified for missing both of his matches because he was busy getting drunk and figured he was going to go 0-2 anyway.

not very good

Even if there was an answer, you wouldn’t want it. Consider anyone you play as a top player and play accordingly. Knowing just how average someone can/would be will only limit yourself and your abilities.

It’s about the same range as online, skill-wise.

This is pretty true…

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Lol. My friend can definitely vouch for that.

Whilst everyone wants to get as far as possible. When I attended last years EVO, I didn’t even make it out of Pools, I got walked on, Humiliated, People made my main at the time (Sakura) look like garbage. I couldn’t compare to them. (2000pp Average I guess…Give or take 1000)

But I still had an amazing time.

That would have been a horrible time for me, but to each his own, I guess.

EVO isn’t just the tourny bro…you meet people and do stuff

Define “stuff”. I’d be blown about coming all that way just to lose. You know how much money was wasted? Dude, that would be the only reason I’d go. Plus, I don’t even know how to meet people.

The panels, casuals, money matches, demos for upcoming games. And you should probably learn how to talk to people.