How good is the MadCatz Fightpad, really?

Hey there,

I’ve been enjoying fighting games ever since we bought Tekken 2 on the PS, but my experience with them wasn’t very diverse (basically just Tekken over and over). Some time ago I got to play SF4 and decided that I needed to buy it for myself, unfortunately (in this case), I own a 360 so I was sort of concerned when it comes to the controller, due to the small stick you have to be extremely accurate when trying to pull off moves. Now I know that the TE edition stick seems to be amazing once you get used to it, but I didn’t want to commit so much money on something I’m not sure whether or not I will be playing for a very long time. Anyway, I saw a review on youtube saying the MadCatz Fightpad was really good and all movement errors were due to incorrect user input. Now it seems that I may have misinterpreted this, because after buying the thing and testing it for a bit I had a big problem with it:

Diagonal jumps are really tricky to pull off. Now this is indeed due to incorrect user input, but it’s not that easy to put something in that is really crappy to press on the pad. All diagonals are really bad to press and when not concentrating on actually jumping diagonally, I was getting pretty bad results. Overall the DPad seems to be pretty flimsy and “wishy-washy”. It’s especially annoying because I seem to be able to combo into supers and ultras much more easily and faster than with the 360 stick.

Now here is my question: Does this pad just take some getting used to, or is my first impression correct and it does not live to to its hype?

P.S. I also read somewhere that there were in fact 2 generations of this pad, with the second generation’s DPad being vastly superior to the old one’s, is this true? I saw a youtube video in which the DPad didn’t seem to be elevated so strongly out of the pad itself. I’ll add a few pictures in case this is true and anyone can give me visual confirmation of this without actually opening the pad.


Image links:

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Thanks for the pictures. NEVER saw that thing before. Wow.

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