How good is the PS2 port?

I cant seem to find any current threads talking about this and search isnt helping.

Is it arcade perfect? Closer to dc or in between?

What’s the blocking setting I should be using if I want unblockables? “Old” or “New”? I tried out the Urien unblockables listed in the Brady Games guide (knee drop while opponent getting up into aegis in the corner etc…), but the computer in training mode was blocking it every time. Is it just suppose to be like this in training, and then it works in a real match?

Yes, the training dummy blocks unblockables for some silly reason. What I do is set the dummy to 2P, put the P2 pad on the floor, and hold left or right with my big toe to make him block. Seriously.

And as far as I can tell this is almost arcade perfect.


yes what should the settings be on?

By default unblockables are on. The setting should be set to “Old”

But Josh-The Funk is right, in training mode the CPU is always set to “New”

Ok Ps2 version is arcade perfect but my brother prefers DC just because of the sound, he simply almost doesnt like the game cause of the sound nor the original arcade music which I love.

PS2 version is great. go buy it.

I bought the PS2 version recently and I must say that the DC version is better, unless there’re some tricks for the PS2-port.

The PS2 picture is either blurry with “filter on” or jaggy with “filter off”, since the PS2-port-resolution is not a integer multiple of the original resolution. The DC-version is a little blurry, too, but not as much. In addition, you can enable the de-interlaced mode with the DC version which is really sharp and looks pretty close to the arcade port.

The music in the PS2 version is buggy, too, in that the track changes aren’t synchronized with the round changes, but is delayed. I find this pretty annoying too.

By now I’m rather dissapointed with the PS2-Port. And actually, to a special occasion like the anniversary, one could have enhanced the resolution to, say, Guilty Gear-level. Heck, you could do this with a decent program and only little manual postprocessing by some lowly trainee in a month!

who cares its arcade perfection

Well apparently alot of people since Capcom has gone out of their way to make things arcade-authentic

PS2 version is not blurry at all with the proper connections.
PS2 3s on RGB-Scart looks way better than DC 3s on RGB-Scart
(RGB Scart is an european standard, looks better than S-Video and is only ouperformed by high quality component setup)

Eh? Thats how the arcade version is. The DC is incorrect in this aspect.

the music is supposed to go like that, and how you be all hating on it :@ listen to yun’s stage, that flute fkn pwns instead of stupid keyboard bullshit

anyway, it isnt blurry, just do a supermove so it zooms in and then pause, turn on your dc and do the same thing, same shit, just coz the dc was already ugly, it looks like its better when it zooms in :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trippin’ about that shit too, but all you have to do is go to the sound options and change that shit from arrange to original. It really doesnt matter though. Some of the shit sounds better, like Remy, Necro and Gill’s stages, but most of the “remixes” are crap. :sad:

But other than that the aniversery collection was the best thing I could’ve bought this month. :tup:

Alright, alright. You got me.

[edit: having said the DC port was more arcade-like earlier this thread was obviously a mistake of mine. I said that only because the pixels on the DC aren’t strangely distorted or something, in contrary to what I observe on the PS2. So please just ignore that arcade-comparison I falsely drawn. My bad.]

Never got my hands on the arcade version (you can hardly find an up-to-date video game cabinet here in Germany, only some SEGA sport games…). I got to know SF3 on the DC first, so that was the “reference” to me. Even if the music changes is now “arcade perfect”, I don’t like it that way. Feels just more natural if the music shifts along with the rounds. It’s supposed to give more tension or something.

I’m not caring about “arcade perfection”. I even wished the sprites to be hi-res, didn’t I? I was only talking about how I like the new port in comparison to the beloved DC port.

Yes, and since I’m a gaming enthusiast (and a professional developer/graphic artist, if you want more credibility) living in Germany, I’m fully aware of that fact and using RGB only, so I know what I’m talking about. I find the filter to be blurry, not the signal itself, which is apparently top-notch, most notably when the filter is off. But then it’s jaggy.

Plus I just tried the de-interlaced mode (as documented on on the DC yesterday, which I didn’t know about all these years, and find that picture to be surprisingly sharp (better than the standard mode, which is indeed a little bit soft).

I don’t necessarily want to say you’re wrong, though. I might have as well just missed out some setting here (like the de-interlaced mode for the DC). So I’d be glad to hear any hints to make me enjoy the PS2-port more.

Quick question about the gameplay options. I don’t remember exactly what all of them are (stuff like game speed, parry timing, blocking system [old/new], etc) - but are the default settings closest to the arcade version?

Is there any settings that I need to change to make it the arcade settings? or is default correct? somehow it feels a little slower than the arcade

theres timing differences

NOt having a Dc i never got used to the controler.So playing at my friends house wasnt very fun.But now that i have it on ps2 I love it.Best thing i bought this month.Now if i can only get my friends better ~_~.

so is there any way to adjust the speed of the game or timing to make it “arcade-perfect”?