How good (or bad) is PS4 Wifi?


Is it as good, better, or worse than the Wifi of Xbox 360 Slim?

I have an ethernet cable, but I found that 360 Wifi was more than acceptable.

Just curious. Thanks.


terrible… just like all wifi.


Ok I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. My up and download speeds are identical whether I’m on wifi or Ethernet with my 360.

I know the PS3 had bad wifi. The 360 S model has better wifi, I’m wondering where the PS4 is. Same or better than 360 S?




Wifi might be “good enough”, but its not without it’s flaws.

In idealistic settings you shouldn’t ever see a difference.
But reality is Wifi is prone to interference, slow downs and security holes.
Just regular building materials in a typical home can interfere with Wifi.


Thoughput ≠ latency.


deja vu haha just had this talk on here a week ago and I can see the same “wifi is fine” blowup about to happen.

First off, to answer your question. The powers of google tell me its the same “speed” as the 360S in terms of what it uses and reports from players of mbps. Xbox One’s is better.

Next up, there’s a difference between “speed” and “latency” and you’re ALWAYS going to have greater latency in something that needs to modulate and wirelessy transmit vs something that can just ram it down a copper wire. Add to that the fact that it is lag that is communally felt ie, you inflict that lag on your opponent, not just yourself, like you do with a cheap TV, meaning your laziness is forcing someone else, with a likely decent setup, to slum it with your connection.

Thirdly, if you openly play fighting games on wifi, especially when you’ve already said you have ethernet capability, DarkSidePhil will haunt you in your sleep.

It’s slower and it inconveniences both you and your opponent. Very bad manners.

Do the right thing, man.


Ok first off THANK YOU for the simple answer I was looking for.

I hear you. Ethernet is better there is no question I wasn’t trying to argue.

Regarding my appartment and setup. Unless I want to run a 50 ft cable across my floor that looks retarded my girlfriend will not appreciate and our guests trip over and wonder what is wrong with us, I use Wifi. Now I can make a way around this, which I believe would be to get a WIFI receiver for the computer, and just bring the modem into my living room, but I don’t feel like going to staples tomorrow so for now I’m just wondering how the PS4 wifi is. You can hate me but I find it acceptable for Xbox 360 when I play 3rd Strike which is like very seldomly. As long as it’s that good then I’ll live but maybe I’ll get the adaptor and drop 30$ or whatever so SRK doesn’t equate me with fucking DSP! lol.


No worries, thanks for taking it on board.
Like I said, consider your opponent - what may be acceptable for you may not be acceptable for them.


If you can’t run an ethernet cable see if you can setup a power-line ethernet adapter instead of wi-fi. It should have more reliable throughput for online gaming. They should come with hardware security so that in an apartment building other people on the same power grid couldn’t access your network.


whats your name on ps4 so i can boot you if you ever enter my lobby.


I dunno if my opponents experienced any lag (I’d assume they’d message me if that’s the case), but on my end my WiFi connection was enough to run stuff like War Thunder, Warframe, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Battlefield 4, as well as downloading games and patches off of PSN,and haven’t had any major issues

Though of course I later I connected the console via an Ethernet cable since my desktop is dead and I had no use for its cable anyway




They’ll just flag/avoid/blacklist you with “Doesn’t understand the game” put down as the reason.

They’ve already put up with your wifi, despite paying top-dollar for the fastest experience at their end. They aren’t going to then take the time out to help you out with your quality assurance.


I can’t believe you would even consider wifi after seeing your posts about the 10ms of lag from a BenQ monitor.


I know. He acts like 10ms of input lag is the worst thing ever.

I also tried to explain that a HDMI to VGA adapter cable to use with a PS4 is a bad idea and he tried to tell me HDMI cables it self lag.


There’s a special circle in hell for anyone who subjects other people to their shitty wi-fi. Either play over a wired connection or don’t play online. I’m with @Digital- as I would also appreciate it @ParryAll if you could, since you’re one of the rare human beings on SRK who doesn’t have their PSN/Steam/XBLA/Facebook/MySpace info in their signature, could post your PSN name here so I (and presumably others) can pre-emtively block and/or kick you.


I have 150mbps internet and I’d never game on anything that isn’t hardwired, regardless of “how good” my wifi is, even when I had to rely on wifi in most cases when I playes fighting games I ran the 50ft cable until i was done playing… but thankfully my set up is much closer to my modem so I can hard wire it with no issues


This is the same guy who tried to get help on upgrading his laptop’s vid card. His hardware knowledge is hardly robust.


Most people on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and even PC use Wifi. It’s how the world is. It’s not 2007 anymore. While I will be using direct connection now I can tell you right now there isn’t that much of a difference. SRK lives in

it’s own bubble, it’s own reality. If you raged or kicked everyone from your PS4 lobbies who was on WIFI you’d be gaming by yourself.