How good would HDR have been if it was feature complete


HDR doesnt have the sprites or features sirlin envisioned due to variables outside of his control, time/money/xbla restrictions.

HDR is not what sirlin wanted it to be, i still cant understand what the thinking behind Akuma was or original ST modes unattractive graphics.

If sirlins vision was fully realised, would there even be a HDR vs ST debate? Has HDR become a gateway to ST?
Should sirlin have refused to take part in a project which would be half finished when released and therefore divide/halve the community?


It doesn’t matter, even time travel couldn’t fix the inevitable HDR vs ST battle. This battle will wage on longer then the holy wars of the middle east. This thread will soon be yet another battle ground for the ongoing struggle. This is the way it will be.


Nah, the last thread didn’t go to shit; no reason for this one too either.


how amazing would it be if we stopped making stupid fucking threads like these? holy shit how fucking cool would that be?


Why don’t you just post this kind of stuff in the General Discussion thread like a good boy?


There are few philosophical conversations in the HDR forum, there is alot of bickering and obsessing but no deep philosophy or psychology.

Iam not impressed by the overly cynical depressed attitude of some people on this site, get a life and just lighten up lol


there’s a few reasons why this is so.


You make mention of Sirlin’s vision, but do not define it.

For every alteration Sirlin DID make in HDR, there was at least one person to vociferously complain about it. Your hypothesis that a product true to Sirlin’s vision would forestall controversy (read: please everybody) seems unrealistic.


I guess your right, how different could the finished product have been, probably not so different, therefore the same issues would have arisen.

I imagined it being a bit like like, if papa left momma and took up with a shiny new young gorgeous girlfriend, would the kids ever accept her?


EDIT - eh, don’t want to step on toes unnecessarily


sorry for laying it on so heavy, but how much discussion about strategy and match-ups is actually taking place on this board? looking at the clutter of non-relevant threads is depressing, and this is just making it worse.


I apologize for my nonsense and clutter. Forgive me, I just wanted to fit in. I could contribute, but I am extremely jealous of peoples progress that are not


HDR is the greatest game i ever played…If they put in an option to omit Akuma in the settings that would have been great…


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I think peoples should stop mentioning Sirlin (He must be getting annoyed as fuck. 4 real)
That man deserves nothing but appreciation for giving us HDR.


I may mock sirlins hairdo and he can be a bit sniffy at times but you have to give it to him, he is a clever guy and he did a great job on remix with limited resources. Given more time and resources a great game would have been even better for sure.

There is a debate as to which game is better but not because of anything sirlin did or didnt do.

There is this snobbish attitude surrounding remix and all the baby zone crap. That is a total red herring, the bottom line is certain individuals want to crush remix because they arent the best at it. Snakeyes, phlush and others have hurt a lot of people’s butts and they dont like it one little bit.

Let’s go back to one aspect of sirlin’s vision. He realised that execution wasnt an issue for players at high level. The best players can always execute their moves but it can be a barrier for new players. So lets remove the execution barrier for beginners without affecting top players in the slightest. This allows people to get to the heart of the game which is strategy.

How is that babyzone unless we put all emphasis on executing a dragon punch or spd which we can all do anyway. Remix was responsible for bringing a lot of new players to SF. Many people who never touched ST became experts at remix.

That can only be good for the community as a whole but clearly not for a bunch of geriatric ingrates with entrenched attitudes and over inflated ego’s. If more people had been willing to accept a little change we may have Remix at Evo. Instead we see a community divided and polls showing pathetic numbers where the community should be united behind a new, fresh SF2. I dont believe ST should be at EVO, i believe the new better version of SF2 should be there instead.

In what way is superturbo a better game? Remix is more balanced, no doubt about it. Some of the new moves are so much more fun. Tiers have been compressed and less impossible matchups, witness sim vs guile now.

The graphics are arguably better in remix I say arguably better cos ST has a more sober classy look about it, but remix is more enjoyable to look at and fresher.

The japs like it, daigo has gone on record to say he likes it and that he feels it would be popular as an arcade release.

My message to remix players is dont feel pressured into saying ST is the better game. It isnt.

Dont feel its cool to say that remix is baby zone. It isnt unless you happen to think doing a dragon punch or SPD makes you good.

Dont believe ST is harder to play. It isnt.

Remix is a new, different, better and fresher game than ST and it makes me sick to the stomach that the game is going to be consigned to the dustbin of history because of a bunch of people who claim to love SF2 but are actually the enemy within.

Certain big names within the community have an intellectual leadership over the community. They have a lot of knowledge for sure but iv also seen that some of the same people spout a whole lot of crap too. Yet people dont want to challenge them. We need to call BS if its BS unless we say these people are bigger than the game. If you believe they are bigger than the game then fine, just dont cry when there is no SF2.


Perfect post Elton!


Big names? Many famous ST players would barely practice: they simply play it when it is featured at a tournament with SF4. Last EVO, a number of players who still practice showed improvement and defeated a number of legendary names, but as Mr. Wizzard has said, if you did not face the best players when they were on their prime, you missed it forever. All respect to people still practicing, but winning a HF tournament now will not make anyone a new Ohira. The point is: the people who do not practice anymore actually do not care as much anymore. Family, work, lack of money, whatever, they don’t need to justify anything, but these fictional big names who complain, you say, mostly do not exist. Watson is retired, Choi, Valle, Daigo, Tokkido, DreamTR and legions of others are playing the games of the moment.

You make it sound like ST-only players are responsible for EVO cutting HDR, but for every player who likes ST but not as much HDR, there are 10 others who left due to fashionable games. This is the reality. Now one can not do much about young players getting attracted by these flashy games, and certainly not condemn pros for playing what gives the most money and attention, but if you like a game, you can play it and show up at events. The community as a whole surely dropped the ball on this one. EVO has a history but SF2 does not depend on it: people can organize majors and have them as the places to go yearly/twice a year or whatever. But we need people like Papasi, Jiggly, DG and V, Thelo, Mars, Silver Rain and others who will do something else and make things happen. Online is amazing but the game must be seen, not just played sort of secretly at your bedroom through the internet, while the masses only hear of Shit Fighter 4 and whatever.

Edit: BTW, these boards have been intractable recently. There are just too many egoes around and little strategy and scene organization talk. My first advice: if you are posting just to attack other poster, think again. Whatever you come out with, don’t post.