How great a president was Reagan?

I ask this because he seems to be the poster child for the republican party. Other forums I frequent that have a political discussion section are flooded with conservative supporters with his image as their avatars. Not to mention the threads that pop up saying how much they miss him and how we need him more than ever. If anyone listens to Sean Hannity’s radio talk show, you can hear frequent clips of Reagan speaking along with this planted majestic music in the background. Someone said he has a man crush on Reagan and I thought it was going overboard but they might just be right.

Opponents of those who bash Obama for his recent nuclear arms reduction deal with Russia say Reagan himself was prepared to give up all nuclear weapons if the Soviet Union would have agreed to do so as well. That all fell through because the soviets wanted to know why Reagan wanted to continue to develop missile defense if everyone was planning to get rid of all of their nukes. Furthermore, I look at the worship of Reagan by the conservative party ( a lot of them anyway) as do they not have someone at this very moment who can be just as good a president? Who’s their best candidate for presidency at this point?

Why the need to get in an uproar about disarming a few nuclear stockpiles? Don’t both countries still posses enough to blow the world up tens times over? I got nothing against Reagan, I treat him as I treat any other politician with their own agendas once in office. He’s got his positives and he’s got his negatives and I know we’ve got some intelligent posters on srk who could enlighten me about his greatest achievements and his shortcomings, because no one is perfect. I guess it irks me a little that conservatives seem to be reaching back into the past to someone who is dead and it makes me think “is their party in that bad of shape that they have to constantly reminisce about something that is in the past that can’t possibly help us now?”.

That and the tea party hasn’t seemed to be too big of a hit and there’s just something about Glenn Beck and Hannity with their “I fear for my life more each day this man is in office” nonsense. I really hate to bring race into it but sometimes I wonder if the reason a “black man in power” is behind a small amount of this stuff. I can’t remember Clinton being hated this bad and practically everyone was ready to kick Bush’s ass by the time he left and it didn’t seem this bad. Obama hasn’t been in half his term yet and it’s the end of the world.

I know it’s been done to death but my primary reason for this thread was to learn more about the right’s savior, Reagan.

reagan was a fucking puppet

He was an imbecile. A poster child for failed economic policy, hawkishness, anti-intellectualism, polarization, upper-class favoritism, shitty labor relations, government secretiveness, dishonesty, possible genocide, anti-sovereignty, shady business dealings, and various other forms of the worst of the worst horseshit of any modern presidency. The thing he gets most credit for, the collapse of the Soviet Union, is particularly ludicrous. It’s like giving him credit for the collapse of a house of cards in a tornado.

This can only go well.

i smell disaster in this thread.

imho though overhyped.

second worst ever. ruined california schools, saddled us with an enormous national debt, turned ketchup into a vegetable, had alzheimers for 6 out of his 8 years. do I need to go on?

Anyone who believes that the US would completely give up its nuclear deterrent is fucking retarded. There truly is no other way to describe it. As for the rest of the topic, refer to goodm0urning’s post.

i remember syringes and nickel bags in the gutter, gunshots damn near every night, you couldn’t wear certain sneakers, chains, jackets, etc. were snatched, my cousin was robbed at gunpoint and forced the strip down to his boxers, fbi ran in my place looking for this dude, couldn’t trick or treat, couldn’t ride a bike outside, couldn’t play outside, mad ppl were hooked on crack, etc. etc.

crime was crazy, a lot of ppl were poor, a lot of ppl were strung out on drugs, etc. etc.

windows with bars on them, junkies in the alley with a baseball bat for real, everything was dirty, mad garbage between buildings, etc. etc.

maybe the wealthy had it good but eh.

You’re in Canada and probably aren’t even old enough to remember Reagan. GTFO.

man didnt u learn ur lesson in the other thread? Just because you’re an ignorant american who doesn’t know fuck all about the world around you, doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t know about your country.

Drug dealer and a zealot.

Yeah and unless you’re like 45 while posting this you probably don’t remember shit from his term either.

I forgot:

When AIDS came around, Reagan completely shit the bath.

Yeah he was a puppet. There are video tapes of him giving speeches were he is literally told what to say by bankers.

My old econ prof knew people who worked under Reagan. Reagan knew about economics about as much as your average 12 yr old. He was an actor for gods sake. The perfect republican candidate.

Which is why I kept my mouth shut one way or the other. That said, I’m not aching for a ban. I just still find it hilarious how foreigners can feel that they have enough knowledge to comment on something going on in another country. I wouldn’t even be willing to comment on the politics of other states. Never even mind other countries.

Fair enough.

its not like everything Reagen (or virtually ANYTHING ELSE AMERICA DOES) is a secret to the rest of the world. You’re the number one nation on earth, idiot.

There is a massive difference between an american commenting on malaysian politics, and a Canadian commenting on an american president, especially considering the amount of information out on the subject (Micheal Moore’s Capitalism, for instance)

That being said, just stop telling ‘foreigners’ that they dont get to have an opinion on your country.

Or better yet, stop being a ignorant racist fuck

of course foreigners know about our country, we’re the center of attention, good or bad

lol, if you’re using michael moore for an opinion you’re being fooled. moore is a propagandist and known for using dishonest tactics to trick people.

first thing that came to mind :stuck_out_tongue:

just pointing out that this is the 2nd thread that I know of where spudly has pretty much said that foreigners opinions dont matter

Ray-gun was instrumental in warping the minds of those who currently oppose universal healthcare . Dude had us wasting billions of dolalrs on ridiculous warships and missle defense systems. Everything he did has big effects on today’s society.