How hard is it for a 360 PCB to get fried?

My friend had one and a few days later it went bad on him and he had to replace it. The pcb was from a madcatz 360 controller. Could someone explain to me common ways that might get a pcb to go bad?

Any number of ways, but 360 pads are some of the worst. I truly believe the security chips MS uses have code in them to suicide. When this happens, your stick/pad will work just fine on a PC, but never authenticate on a 360 console.

Other problems are just bad wiring or frying from static. But theres a good chance the stick will still work on the PC if the suicide is the problem.

:sad: That really sucks. Is there any way to fix it?

None that’s cheaper or easier than getting a new pad and hacking it.

Thanks toodles. I hope my PCB works out.

hey my 360 “EXTENSION CORD” died the other day…can you believe that shit ?
(I just started using the stick, the controller is a madcatz retro never played with it before modding in the stick)

The extension chord? How did that happen? At least the PCB is still working right?

yeah, no idea how, I was just playing SFIV, and got a reconnect the controller 360 msg… I unplugged the stick, cracked it open and tested connections around with a multimeter, everything looked fine… then I switched the madcatz retro extension cord with the original HRAPEX one, and the stick started working again o_O

bizarre. Hopefully, that same problem won’t happen again.

They dont do third party controllers so i need to use official xbox wired controller PCB for my hrap2. will there be any issues? what is this suicide thing toodles?

need to know this today