How hard is it to make a fighting game?

From scratch, not mugen or anything. If all of the sprites were made and there wasn’t any AI. Probably just hit detection, encoding the frames, and new features specific for the game?

I’d like to make a 2-d naruto fighter, I’d design the frames, but I don’t know anything about programming. New ideas for the game would involve traps that could be placed in the area. A large area to battle in, kinda like DBZ:SW with the screen zooming in and out.

But if the sprites were made would the rest take forever and a day to do? Any opinions are fine … even flames :wink:

Well i dont know anything about programing, but let me tell u that if anybody could make a game, everyone would be rich. i think 2d fighters are harder to make than 3d cuz of all the frames and hit boxes. And i’m sure it would take u several days to make sprites and program everything. I’m a big naruto fan, and i want the games to come to the US. I like the idea, but ur gonna need a lot of help to make this happen, especially if u dont know how to program.

Well, I’d only make 2 characters to start out with. With make 150 frames per character, it’d probably take a couple+ months, or if other people volunteered, probably alot less. I want to keep it simple too, one hit box for waist up, one hit box for a sweep. I know not alot of people would play a fighting game with 2 characters, but I’m just looking for if it’s possible, and how long it would take. I’d like to keep it as barebones as possible, and add more for future updates.

Sounds good, u gotta start somwhere. I’d be interested in learning how to make a fighter, but im failing my programing class anyway, lol. But yea, if u really think u can do it, no harm in trying. It also be a good idae to get some people to help and throw in ideas. And if u start, dont worry about making everything great, take it step by step, cuz u gotta a lot of work to do.

Download my game from , that little piece of shit took me 6+ months, and I stole sprites. You can kind of get idea of what is involved from it.

Wow, that shit was ASS! Applaud the effort, but that was ASS. Funny though, lol.

You need a reality check.there is a mugen project called marvel vs. dc. They are “simply” editing existing sprites in order to make the characters and it’s taking them more than a year to complete iirc. It’s not easy at all. Have you ever edited a sprite? It takes around 20 minutes sometimes just to edit one. What you are suggesting is hand drawing the frames, you have to draw it a certain way and have it on a consistant scale and art style not to mention you have to make it look good so there may be times where you throw away a frame because you didn’t draw it correctly or want it to look a certain way and that takes a talented artist. Even if you get all the frames you need to know how to program the game and if your not using a engine you have to make one yourself and that is on a level that I don’t even know how to begin making. This is why capcom employs professionals, it’s a team effort. There is a team of programmers, various artists ect. and then you have to do the stages the sounds


You gotta make sure it’s balanced

It would take you years to make a game worth a crap, my suggestion is to use flash if your really bent on drawing your own characters but mugen is alot better. My suggestion is just try to make a very simple mugen game first. Just learn how to program the characters , get around 8 premade characters and try balancing them out, add one new move each.

Also add one feature to each of the 8 characters (a scar on the eye of ryu or something of the like) you’ll see how tedious it is when you have edit 150-300 some odd sprites even if your doing something so minimal as adding a scar on the eye. All of that is just a tiny fraction of the work that you’d be enduring in a project like your talking about especially if this is a “Spare time only” type thing

i’ve worked on mugen before, just on sprite editing and it’s tiring work. You know that each character has around 8 frames of standing animation?

there’s the walking animation which like another 8 frames

then there’s jumping neutral

turn around

jumping foward

jumping backwards

that’s like 8 frames + each

dedicated mugen makers usually take a month or more to release a edited character and they don’t have to balance test it either because it’s impossible (who knows what characters they’ll have on their game)

Keep in mind these are people who are used to the progamming system. I’m not saying this is impossible to do but even if you drew all the frames how would you program them without a engine like mugen or flash? I hope you don’t give up, it’s very possible but if you want something like what you are thinking of (something like melty blood i’m guessing)

you need a very dedicated group of people

if you want to do something yourself try starting on a very small mugen project

Listen I don’t mean to get you down, but just take it from me it’s pretty hard that’s why professional companies hire teams of people that work on a schedule and even then it takes around a year doesn’t it?

Good luck dude, I’m far from a authority on this but from what i’ve seen even mugen projects usually get teams of programmers/artists together but youd o’nt have to do that if your starting small

Your not going to make your own 2-D fighter. You need programing skills, drawing/animating skills, and alot of other things that whole teams take months to make. And even then some of those games are shit.

I had this dream when I was like, 11.

I hate to crush your dream, but this isn’t happening. I’ve seen sooooo many mugen projects that either never got started, or never got finished. You don’t even plan on using mugen, which will make this even harder than it already is. There are entire teams of people doing this and they still never finish, one person sure as hell can’t do it. Plus, even if by a miracle you could do this, you’d have to test the game extensively to eliminate crazy bugs and infinites and overpowered characters. There is a reason why mugen projects very very rarely get finished, if EVER.

And making sprites is very hard work. Editting alone is difficult, making them from scratch will be hell. It may not seem so bad at first, but when you’re sitting there realizing you’ve gotta make a ton of frames for almost every attack(assuming you want quality animation and not choppy shit), you’re gonna want to give up.


I was working on a nightcrawler character. I got just about all the normals and specials done but i still had to do walking animation and jumping ect. I got tired and lazy and i handed it off to the first person that asked if he could use my sprites and I was only doing minimal work, spiderman and night crawler aren’t that different from each other. I didn’t even want to think about animating the tail in a effecient way

they also wanted me to add a rapier

fuck that

check out night crawler

I really appricate your comment man. The problem with starting a team of people is, that team would probably work together for about a month then fall apart. Since Naruto is liscensed there would be no profit at all from it. People from my experience don’t like to work alot for no money. I noticed that your nightcrawler is a .gif file, is that had character animations or made? Or was that just a demonstration of animation?

My sprites aren’t really what you’re thinking either, well I haven’t started them yet, but I have a general idea. It’d turn out more like a “chibi” fighter than anything else. (i.e. puzzle fighter) But it’d be full detail. I don’t know if you’ve seen naruto, but most animes in general are cel shaded and don’t really have much detail unlike Marvel, DC, etc.

If I can post up sprites in a week (two weeks at the most) and revive this thread, could you take a look and at least see what I’m trying to accomplish and offer more feedback? I do appricated it.

good luck

i don’t know much about cel shaded Shrug

i made quite a bit more frames than that

Hmmm… one of the rules in making a “chibi” character is the lack of detail. This also is true for making a cel-shaded character. You’re trying to work with as small a palette as possible, with broad color strokes. While its certainly possible to cel shade with “full detail”, it will look bad, especially on 2-D. I suggest actually making a simple standing animation first before trying something that ambitious.

completely off-topic, but damn higher-jin, your posts are hard as hell to read when you put one sentence on every line :confused:

Before you decide to make your game into a big project using a non engine related you should take the time and work on the game in mugen.

A mugen “game” made for the simple purpose of being an actual game can be done well, including being balanced as shit. I had the same idea as you… just was making a few characters my self and well i gave up because i got banned from the mugen developers board and didnt have acess to alot of coding i needed to make the characters work the way i wanted. Especially with projectile properties

Colision boxes are pretty easy and there are lots of programs to help with those and the basic elements of coding…

Mugen is a wonderful program, its underrated because no one actually makes a full game them self, just make overpowered characters but there are some amazing works.

Some examples of these are:
Setsuna- Riot Of The Blod Rehabilitation Center
Evil Ken- Ryeu
Evil Ryu- Ryeu

and a few others… the thing is, almost every character has been made… simply take the sprites that have already been ripped and re-code them and stuff… thats what i did, worked wonders… got 3 balanced characters done in 2 months, the screenpack done, along with custom sounds and life bars.

If you are going to make a game like you said, check out Kriz Kazmer’s website MUGEN TOMB… he has a link to his home made game hes working on… i dont beleive he ever finished it though. But he had the exact same idea as you.

its extremeley hard. you need programming/drawing/animating skills like the other people said. drawing many frames per char, then putting them in the computer and animating them is painstakingly time consuming, which is why capcom doesnt like to do it. theres all this, and then making it balanced, which is like twice as hard as all the other stuff…

Sorry about that

I tried to make it better

So… I was surfing the internet at work last night and found… narutimate hero 2. That is the EXACT idea of what I wanted to do, except no 3-d and those item boxes were really annoying. :frowning: So basically what I want to do has already been done, and done really well.

I noticed alot of people said that the major problem with making the game is animating and making the frames. Suppose I had that down. How hard would the rest be? Obviously my frames wouldn’t be the highest quality, but I’m just some poor college student :smiley:

Well I got into an argument before in a mugen forum. They claim that making original sprites is only 25% of the work. Of course, considering that 99.99% of them don’t make original sprites, this statement should be taken with a grain of salt. I finished 75% of Kairi sprites (all I was lacking was the throw, block, and super animations) and 50% of the code (no throw, super code, or Excel code) and 120 sprites sure didn’t feel like 25% of the work. More like 95%.

If you’re building a game from the ground up (no engine), yes, making a 2d fighting game can be hard. Years, I’d wager. If you’re working with an existing engine, such as mugen, things are a bit easier. A couple of weeks and you’re done coding a new character. However, this is one character. You have to see how they interact with each other – not even Capcom, with their legions of workers and playtesters, can lay claim to be able to come up with a balanced game. This should give you an idea how hard it can be.

Programming a game such a sf2 from scratch will take you years to complete (even if you done all the graphics/sprites/sounds etc). It would be impossible for all of this to be done by yourself. Even if you had like 200 programmers working on it, I’d say it take you about 2-3 years to complete. Why? because the amount of lines of code to write is huge. I’d say about a million lines of code have to be written in order to fix most of the bugs and that won’t even be perfect. There will still be glitches no matter how much you write. Somebody will always find a way to exploit them. My suggestion is if you know nothing about programming, you should stay away from game programming. I use to write a game myself, it took me about a couple of weeks just to write a simple tetris game in opengl. But as far as making a 2d fighting game (capcom style), it ain’t going to happen.