How hard is it to make a fighting game?

I was wondering how hard it would be to learn how to do sprite work and game mechanics. I know nothing on how to make a game. Especially a fighting game. Where gameplay is the most important aspect. I just had some character designs laying around and just I thought maybe I could put them to use. Besides trying to make a web-comic or something.

It’s really hard. There are plenty of people just on this site who have tried and given up. Because of the complexities of game mechanics, you just end up having to rewrite and reconsider your code constantly. Otherwise you could use mugen or maybe fighter maker but then nobody would take it seriously.

If you make a good MUGEN character (i.e. something that isn’t a terribly coded DBZ character with seven flavors of jab infinite), you tend to get recognition, but the problem is that making one character alone is such an obnoxious bit of work (even if you’re working with edited sprites/copyrighted sprites) that most people never bother trying to make wholly original games with full casts. There’s also surprisingly little overlap between people who are technically competent to make good MUGEN characters and people who are good enough at fighting games to recognize subtle little mechanical things that make or break a character when played seriously. For the most part, there’s kind of a huge gap between theory and practice at work, at least when I followed the scene (and it has been a long time).

It’s really hard work, just testing a fighting game will get tiring. Not to mention working out mechanics, hitboxes, balancing, move animations, and a whole lot more by yourself

This thread turned into a general fighting game making thread, you might want to read it.
Some of us are still at it, it just takes a lot of time.

This hard

just get fighter maker or mugen

i’ve seen people take mugen, add a bunch of characters that other people have created, throw them all in there and then call it their own game haha

If you know nothing about making game starting with a fighter is a bad idea. There are too many systems to worry about.

If you want to do something with your characters I would suggest making a simple beat’em up style game. That way you can use your characters and learn some building blocks like movement, collision boxes, etc.

I know a guy who made a mugen character completely 100% from scratch with an original style, moveset and independant subsystems (guard break, juggle timer, etc) and he said it was fun enough for him to consider making a fighting game on an originally coded engine (which I am helping him design now)

So long as you find programmers who are willing to create an engine from scratch, the actuall basis of the fighting game itself takes less work than say…an RPG.

Then there’s balancing, which is a WHOLE other story.

Meh, I dunno. There’s more content that you’ve got to throw into an RPG, but just programming the basic systems in a FG can be a real pain in my experience. From getting the input reader to function just right, to adding in 983457 different move properties that you didn’t initially think would be important as you go to accounting for weird situations that you never thought of and make your shit bug out, there’s a lot more crap to worry about than an RPG, which is mostly just walking around and menus, at which point it’s downhill.

Google it.

Yeah, because just as you think, “Okay, this game’s balanced, ain’t it?”, soon, you got all these supergamers doing infinites and 100% combos out the wazoo, and scrubs exploiting a few moves/combos/whatever that, unbeknownst to you, were just a LITTLE bit broken.

Making a fighting game isn’t hard. Making a BALANCED fighting game is.

Honestly, sprite-making is hard shit. I used to do some RPG Maker work and THAT was hard, making SNES-type sprites. Making actual fighting game sprites is a whole new ball game.


That is so weird, since I’ve been using that stupid word lately. I blame Daniel Baldwin personally.

Fighters are hard to make, some other guy made a thread just like two days before this one and got reamed for it. Think it was Chupa Negro, forgot.

Making a fighting game is hard…no making a decent game period is fucking harder than attempting to screw Rosie O’Donnell barebacked.

thats why most people just make their fighting game with paper dolls.

‘Unbeknown’ is a more appropriate replacement, or simply ‘unknown’.

This probably sounds really stupid- and im probably wrong, but didnt blazblue have to do someting with Mugen? I remember a year or so ago i was searching mugen stuff only to find this one random blog about a guy who talked about blazblue and how it was made by mugen 0,0

Random Sidenote: Ever since then i wanted to use Noel, and here we are today.

I guess, but it doesn’t sound as pure awesome. Plus it throws people off, always good to have.

Sounds to me like either:

a) he thought it was a clever insult to the game


b) he was insane and/or stupid

Because I’m pretty sure Arc Systems havn’t been sitting in Mugen, piecing together GG and BB… Or BF. :rofl: