How Hard is it to Solder?

I want to mod my Hori EX2 (actually like it a ton compared to my TE). I just don’t know how to solder and you need that ability to mod the stick.

Will it be really hard for me? Should I not even try?

its as hard as sex

Soldering isn’t that bad and you don’t have to be fancy with it.

There are ways one can successfully “half-ass” and still have effective connections. Like i did back when modding my Arcana Heart 2 HRAP.

ex2 eh?

just make sure that when you’re desoldering you don’t’ hold on too long otherwise you may detach your contact pads.

Probably not a fun first project. Soldering isn’t as intimidating as it seems to be. Watch a few videos on YouTube before giving it a try. Find an old alarm clock or something to solder on for practice.

desoldering an ex2 pcb is one of the tougher things to do. A sharp 15-30 watt iron with a pencil tip, and solder should be used. You should have some flux and a desoldering bulb if you don’t want to damage any thing.

Thanks guys n girls